300k Gold in 30 Days, from Scratch

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Nov 132011


It’s the Gold Speed Run.

Check it out here

Apart from being a killer game concept, Jon Kenins (creator of the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint) tells me that the Gold Speed Run is also the fastest way to make extreme amounts of gold. And he’s got the proof to back it up.

What’s a Gold Speed Run? Hop onto a brand new server. No friends, no guilds, no gold buying, no transfers, start from zero. Create as many alts as you like. Amass as much gold as you can in 30 days.

He organized a Gold Speed Run for his exclusive insiders’ gold-making club in March this year, and the results were amazing:

  • 2.8 Million Gold earned in 30 days, starting from zero
  • top gold earner alone brought in 359,313 gold
  • average gold earned by all challengers: 63,901 gold – this needs more explanation: 11 people broke 100k gold, 40 broke 1k. How do you think you would do?

Keep in mind that he’s talking about doing all this with level 1 toons, and starting on a new server with no other help of any kind… not even start-up cash. Want more proof? I did my own run, not as a part of his contest, just to see if anyone could do this.

Using his techniques it’s almost trivial to break 1k gold. (300k is a bit harder… 😉 .) I wrote it up on GotWarcraft: 30 Days to (over) 1k Gold

So maybe you’re asking…

“How can I get some?!”

Well now’s your chance!

Jon is running a new Gold Speed Run Challenge starting next week. And he’s inviting newbie speed runners to sign up for a preview video series that shows you exactly how to get the same kind of results in your own gold game. Get the videos here!

Speed Run FTW!

One more thing:  Jon is limiting the entries in this Speed Run to avoid overwhelming the auction house economy on any one Realm. Sign up for the preview video series, and you’ll be on the early bird list for first shot at a spot when the challenge opens up next week!


WoW Gold Tips – Buy it Out

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Sep 202008

I’m going to start a series of gold making tips. I keep seeing chat comments along the lines of “I’m broke…” or “gold making is (hard)…” etc.

Did you know that Bliz is bringing in a new multi-person mount for something like 15,000 gold? I guess there are a few who don’t find it hard to get that much cash.

Some people buy their gold, of course, which is kinda mostly safe. While buying gold is 100% against the Blizzard terms of service, well, there seems to be a big market for it. I guess that not toooo many people are being banned for buying.

While I’m not the hard charging gold making machine, I’ve made enough to buy my epic flyer a few times over, on a couple of servers, so buying gold just isn’t interesting to me.

I’ll offer tips here in no particular order. Some will be for the low levels, some for the high levels, some will require cash and some won’t. Hit the Get the Gold category for all the tips as time goes on.

For all of these tips I’m assuming that you are using an alternate character (alt) as your main Auction House banker. The Auctioneer Addon is invaluable and you’ll make a lot more gold with it than without it.

Buy it Out:

I’m going to use Copper ore as an example here, but this applies to any number of items for sale on the Auction House (AH.) This one will require a bit of cash.

You’ve mined a couple of stacks of copper ore for sale. You send it off to your banker and log that character in to post your ore. Checking prices you see that some fool has posted several stacks of ore at 75 silvers a stack.

Don’t get mad. Buy them out. Buy out all the copper ore that’s under a target price. For example, of your target sell price is 3gold a stack then buy out everything that’s under 2 gold a stack. Skip the lots that have just a bid with no buyout price, unless the time remaining is short (30 min.)

Resell those stacks at 3 gold each (or a bit more.) I wouldn’t recommend putting putting up tons of ore at one time, but several stacks is ok.

Copper sells to people wanting to work up their mining, blacksmithing, and other skills and many people will buy lots of the stuff at any one time. Put yours up at a reasonable price and it will go fast enough. All those stacks you bought at 2 gold or less will sell at a profit.

If you see someone in the trade chat selling copper (or anything) at a price that you can buyout and then resell at a profit, then buy it.

As you learn the market prices of other items you will see similar opportunities here and there. Farmers dump a load on the market at a too low price, you buy it up and resell it at market price.

Don’t overprice it or you’ll be left with a lot of inventory which just doesn’t sell.

Now, if the market price on your server is, for example, 5 gold a stack, then adjust your prices accordingly.

Good luck.

By the way, if you don’t feel comfortable buying and reselling (and some people don’t) then just hold your ore/items until someone else buys out the low priced stuff, then post yours at the higher price.

If you want to add tips of your own, other comments, or want something explained further, then just hit the comment box (gently, it’s fragile.)

Looting the Scarlet Monastery

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Jul 012008

Took my level 70 Rogue through the Scarlet Monastery today and took notes as to what was looted. Just the one one run through each of the four instances. I did run out of bag space, so some greys were tossed to make room for better stuff.

So for those of you who might be interested in doing this, here are the results. I’ll post actual sales totals when they’ve all come in. I expect this will come to over 300 gold total. Not bad for the time spent.

22gold, 27 silver after cash looted and selling greys and Bind on Pickup blues (BoP). All other items were sent to my Auction House mule for sale or disenchanting (and selling of the pieces.)

12 stacks of silk cloth, put up for about 9 gold. Don’t have any 1st aid or tailoring to work up or Rep that I want, so it’s all sold.

13 greens disenchanted into 9 vision dust, 20 soul dust, 1 greater astral essence, 2 lesser mystic essence, 1 large glowing shard. Posted on AH for just over 24 gold total.

7 greens put up on Ah for 3 to 15g each. Asking a total of 41.34

3 Bind on Equip (BoE) Blues found, 215.41 total asking price.
Here’s what I found:

Also found were a few skins (from skinning) and a few potions.

So I may do this again.

edit – Stuff has mostly sold. Not at 300g, but not bad. Current total is 258g 60s for everything from junk to BoE blues. The Butcher sold for just over 150g (Bloodscalp server.)

I may set aside a few hours and do it again. Clear the four instances, sell at Brill, mail everything else to the mule, rinse and repeat.

Jun 262008

I was running someone from my guild through RageFire Chasm (in Orgrimmar) the other day with my (70) Rogue. I was letting him loot everything and at some point he mentioned that he really needed the money (lev 12 Priest.)

So I had him back up and I handed him 50g.

Which seemed to blow his mind. I told him that gold was easy, which blew his mind further. Well, once you get a character or two past level 5 or so, gold is easy.

Now, I’m not talking rapidly earning thousands here, with starting characters. It’s perfectly reasonable for 70s to have that, after all, who do you think is buying all those Epic Flying Mounts at 6k (for mount and training?) Not to mention Epic items in the auction house for 1-2k each or enchants which cost 600 to 1000g for the mats.

But it’s also reasonable for very low level characters to have a lot more gold at hand. So here’s a getting started gold guide for those who aren’t already 70, and for a few that are. This isn’t specific to Alliance or Horde either.

Getting started

First off, you’re going to level one character to 5, train basic Enchanting at the city trainer, and then run that character to the Auction House in whichever capital city is closest.

This will be your permanent Auction House banker (or mule.) This character will spend 100% of it’s time at the AH and will handle ALL of the buying and selling for all your other characters. You won’t be leveling this character past 5, so don’t worry about the perfect name or look, but please don’t name it “MoneyBags” or anything like that.

By the way, having a separate character to do all your buying and selling will have the additional benefits of not forcing your friends, enemies, and teammates to wait for you while you browse and sell at the AH.

Main Characters

Your main characters, throughout their entire careers, will take any and all sellable items they find, either by looting or gathering, and will mail all of these to the mule, to be sold on the AH.

Yes, this includes teeth. Sell grey items to vendors, everything else goes to the mule and the AH, with the exception of stuff your main will be using (eg: cloth for 1st aid, good weapon drops, etc.)

Your mains will never set foot in the AH, unless looking for specific items to upgrade.

For your main character(s) get skinning and mining as your primary professions and cooking, fishing, and 1st aid as your secondaries. Why not herbalism? You can certainly take that one, if you like, but ores and skins are always in high demand, far more so than herbs in my opinion. That said, there are some higher level herbs that sell for lots, so it’s your call.

Skip the other professions for now. They’re cool and fun and very expensive to level up. Right now we want to get some cash flow.

Generally you can find a trainer for one of these gathering skills at the first town you hit when leaving the starting area. You’ll probably have to hit the capital city for the others.

Sell everything as you level up to at least 5. As soon as you leave the newb area, and hopefully have a few silver to your name, head to the city and get at least the mining and skinning skills. Make sure to get your skinning knife and pick, as well.

The Process to Gaining the Gold

Skin every skinnable critter you kill. Keep the ruined scraps of leather, as well as the light leather. When you get a stack of 20, or a few stacks, send them to your mule. Light leather goes anywhere from 75s to 3g a stack, depending on your server and how much is on the AH at any one time.

Tip – ruined scraps do sell, sometimes for more than you might think. If you’re a leatherworker save them, and if the scraps are dirt cheap, buy them, and make them into light leather, then make your items. You might save some gold this way.

So why continue skinning if light leather is only 75 silver a stack? When you get to Outlands you’ll eventually be skinning Clefthoofs. Those leathers sell for several gold per piece. There are some other skins that sell for even more.

In your 50s you’ll be seeing thick leather and rugged leather, both of which which sell very nicely for a nice price.

Mining and Herbalism – At the top left of your mini-map is a round gadget that will let you scan for all sorts of things, ores and herbs among them. Set it to scan for minerals or plants (depending on which you have) and these items will appear on your mini-map, making them much easier to gather.

If you’re a Hunter these marks will look just like the neutral beasts you see when tracking beasts, so you’ll have to turn off beast tracking or be a bit more alert.

Then, if you’re not a Night Elf, do the rounds of your low level (5-10ish) zone and start gathering. Look for ores around the hills and mountains and sometimes underwater. Gather stacks and stacks and sell them.

The Night Elf Gods seem to have forgotten to put any ores into Teldrassil, so NEs will have to head over to Darkshore to get any mining done. Darkshore has plenty, but you’ll have to be higher level.

You’ll need a 65 skill to move past copper to Tin ore, and 125 for Iron, so keep your skill as high as possible.

Enchanting – As you level up you will come across the occasional green item that you can’t use and that won’t sell very well (some of these greens do sell well, so try to be aware of that.) The worthless green items are sent to your mule to disenchant into parts (such as strange dust, etc.)

Generally, the parts that you’ll create through disenchanting sell very well.

Cooking and fishing – Learn to cook and you’ll save a bunch of cash by not buying food. Plus, many of the items you cook up will provide nice buffs and those items sell quite well for a good price.

Fishing is a source of raw materials to level up your cooking, a source of food for Hunter pets (those that eat meat, anyway,) and a source of gold by itself. Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper, and other fish sell quite nicely.

Some tools to use:

  • Gatherer – This addon will mark your map as you find any gatherable item: ores, herbs, etc. You can also import a database of gatherable items which will make your starting path much easier
  • Auctioneer – This addon will collect all kinds of data on the Auction House. Eventually it will help you to make very educated guesses as to what to sell your stuff for.


So how much to sell it (ores, skins) for? Browse the AH for whatever you’re selling, copper ore, for example. You’ll see ore for sale in stack sizes from 1 to 20. I like to look at the first few few stacks of 20 and price it right in the middle.

Typically people buy lots of ore at one time, to level whichever profession they’re working on, so they’ll buy everything at whatever they consider to be a decent price. This means that you don’t have to undersell the competition by much, if any.

It’s ok if you do, though. Someone like me might buy up your under-priced stuff and resell it for a profit. I just think that you might want to keep that money for yourself.

It’s pretty much the same thing with herbs and enchanting bits.

As an example: Zognits, the level 70 warrior, might decide it’s time to level Blacksmithing. So he’ll buy a ton of ore of various sorts and go from skill 1 to 300 in a few hours (and spend a lot of gold doing it.)

Johniejohn, the level 63.5 leatherworker might decide to do the same, so might buy 100-300 pieces of light leather in one shot.

Big bags – always get the biggest bags you can afford. It won’t be much to start with, but you’ll have the cash sooner or later and you can get them at that time.

A recommendation – There are a lot of ways to get the gold, some of which I’ll be writing about in later posts. One thing that got me going was just breaking down and buying a gold guide. You get a ton of step by step gold making tips that will get you into that Epic Flying Mount and expensive enchants when the time comes.

In my opinion the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint is far and away the best gold guide out there. Why? Not only does he hold nothing back, every last step is done with videos, and it’s a system where you can start rapidly accumulating gold with very low level characters. It does cost more than the others, but you get a lot more workable info, especially if you don’t already have a level 70 character.

For example, this character is level 5. None of my characters on this server is over level 30. Kind of a nice stash there. Click the image for a bigger picture.


Here’s the direct link to the Blueprint, or you can read what I’ve already written about it, and maybe still be able to access some free videos. Here it is: Massive WoW Gold Blueprint

Happy gold making!

May 202008

One of the best tips available for earning more gold in WoW is to get the Auctioneer addon. This handy tool learns the auctionhouse, over time, and will give you valuable info on the market price of any item you come across.

You can grab Auctioneer here, documentation is available on the site. Hit the site and go to downloads. You’ll want to full suite, which combines both the classic and advanced suites.

Here’s a video which will show you how to make wow gold by using the various Auctioneer functions. Check it out.

Update 10/24: Auctioneer has officially moved to the advanced suite and the “classic suite” will no longer be supported.

The buying and selling is now done through the Appraiser interface, which takes a little bit to learn, but which is actually kind of cool.

You can either dig through the docs and forums on the Auctioneer site to learn how to use it, or you can log into your Massive WoW Gold Blueprint account, where Jon has uploaded a 45 min video on the ins and outs of the new Auctioneer. Also included with that are 45 minute videos on the Inscription profession and the buying and selling of herbs for massive gold.

If you don’t have a Blueprint account you can check that product out, here. It’s wildly different from all the other gold guides out there: The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint Review

edit 6/26: Keep in mind that as Blizzard updates WoW it also updates the programming code used to build our addons. This is what results in addon breakage and the need to update our addons. So if Auctioneer isn’t working (see comment) upgrade to the latest version.

Massive WoW Gold BluePrint – The Darkmoon Faire

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May 172008

The Darkmoon Faire pops up once a month and provide fun and frolic for many. It also provide a means to make a lot of WoW gold that is accessable to even level 1 characters.

Play your cards right and you might find yourself with enough cash for some sweet gear.

The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint has posted a video on how you can do this. Just click on over and check it out.

Massive Wow Gold Blueprint

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May 172008

Looking for the gold to buy that Epic Flying mount or that nice purple weapon in the Auction House? It can be done.

I bought my EFM shortly after hitting 70 (6k gold with the training(!)) just by following some of the tips in Valkor’s Gold Guide. That’s in addition to various pieces of gear that dropped off the auction house.

Basically, making gold in WoW isn’t at all hard. Boil it all down and what you do is:

  1. Sell items to vendors
  2. Sell items to players (directly or through the AH)
  3. Do quests, but that’s only interesting as you approach 70.

The trick is in finding which items sell well and/or where to buy them cheap and then sell them for an arm and a leg.

There’s a new guide coming out, the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint, which I think will totally blow away the rest of the gold guides out there. One of the things that’s really cool is the free stuff he’s giving away.

Check out the free video’s he’s offering and see if you can make some gold with the tips he’s offering in that video (I did.) Then check his blog for more videos and more tips. You’ll get even more if you sign up for his notification list.

Massive Gold Blueprint video 1 – Getting Gold the Fast Way. You’ll be able to click through to the blog from that page.