Tycoon Gold Addon Review

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Jun 012011

The Tycoon Gold Addon is a pretty sweet little tool. It’s intended to automate a lot of the gold making process and works well. It won’t post auctions or buy anything for you, but it will show you what to buy/gather/farm/make.  How much can you make?  The 30k per day, on the banner to the right, is… welllll… maybe if you’re really good and your server’s market is really good and all the stars align, just so

I’m using it four different servers and I can say that it’s a pretty nifty. I don’t know how you go about acquiring massive gold, but I think this is a tool that I’ll be using a lot. Check out my Tycoon gold addon review and see what you think.


Jan 172011

From the Dev:

Boss Notes provides shareable notes and other information for your guild, party and raid community. The add-on lets you take notes from your boss encounter learnings and share this information with other players. You can also use Boss Notes as a general, structured in-game notepad. In addition, Boss Notes records trash and boss abilities as well as boss emotes and provides a collection of short encounter tactics. With the powerful Rules module, you can extend your existing boss mod with additional encounter rules for custom notifications, timers, raid target icons and yells.

A guy in a cataclysm PuG was using this the other day. He’d post notes on the upcoming boss fight into the party chat. Very cool. There was even a “scroll up” note at the end of long notes. You can grab it here, at Curse: Boss Notes Addon

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