Wrath of the Kitchen King is in the Oven

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Aug 152008

We actually have a [tag-tec]World of Warcraft[/tag-tec] product of our own. It’s not a leveling guide, or a gold guide, or a PvP guide… It’s a cookbook. A real world cookbook taking, primarily, WoW recipes (from the WoW cooking system) and making real word dishes.

So yeah, this means you can really eat your Aterac Manna Biscuits while hacking down the opposition in the AV battlegrounds.

It’s the Tauren Chef Cookbook. Check it out if you like to cook or know someone, somewhere, who does. By the way, we have lots of recipes in that book for people who have not yet worked up their cooking skills.

Now, if you hop over to that site you’ll be able to grab a free mini-cookbook that will finally give you something to do with those Murloc eyes that you’ve been collecting and unable to sell on the Auction House.

Now, in honor of the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion, due in November, Gwynne is baking up the expansion to the [tag-del]Tauren Chef Cookbook[/tag-del], Wrath of the Kitchen King.

Now, since Blizzard will probably miss the Early November release date for Wrath, we’re not going to hold ourselves to an exact release date for Kitchen King. Still, we’ll probably release it right around the time that Bliz releases WotLK.

Now, if you like the smell of Beer Basted Boar Ribs in the morning you should probably look into our other blog, The WoW Cookbook every now and then, most of the updates to the book will happen over there.