Sep 102013

The Timeless Isle is the new zone introduced in patch 5.4. It’s designed to be something that you will actually want to explore, you’ll want to poke your nose into every nook and cranny because there might be something interesting there.

Here’s a pretty good guide to the Timeless Isle, with explanations for the various coins and tokens and burdens and where to find them. He also covers mob hacking, quests, and a bunch of other stuff.

This guy shows some of the chests and what they give you. He also shows one of the “tests of coordination” with a bit of platform jumping. Kinda cool.

23 minutes of touring the Timeless Isle, escaping from a cave, exploring caves, seeing what’s where, finding keys, finding and opening chests and boxes, and so on. A bit rambling, but interesting.

Gearing up for patch 5.4, aka: getting ready to kick Hellscreams butt out of Orgrimmar or “A quick and dirty guide to the Timeless Isle.”

Need to get some alts leveled? Check this out, but do it now.

And, of course, WoWhead has a massive guide to the Timeless Isle, armor, vanity items, pirates, the various coins and stuff, world PvP, quest chains, the legendary cloak quests, noodles, world bosses, shaohao rep, and more. All of it is here.


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