Horde Druid Power Over Poison Quest Chain Walk Through


Horde Druid

Power Over Poison Quest Chain

This quest chain is for all druids – Horde and Alliance.

This is the Horde walk through.

Go here for the Alliance Druid Power Over Poison Quest Chain Walk Through.

The Druid Power Over Poison quest chain has five parts:

1- Lessons Anew,

2- The Principal Source,

3- Gathering the Cure,

4- Curing the Sick, and

-5 Power Over Poison.

*** NOTE: Most quests will be much easier if you have a map Addon (allowed by Blizzard) that has map coordinates.

I will give you directions in case you do not have map addons, but this Druid Power Over Poison quest chain walk through also includes the map coordinates in parenthesis like this: (x,y)

Visit this link for more information, including how to get free WoW Addons such as Map Notes.

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WARNING FOR PvP SERVERS: This quest is for all druids- Horde and Alliance- and Moonglade is contested territory for those of you who are on PvP servers.

The biggest problem druids have with this part of the quest series seems to be that those on PvP servers are attacked by higher level druids of the opposing faction. Kind of makes you feel like the warlock imp pet says, “can’t we all just get along!” Oh well, I’m sure we are all very impressed with those high level druids who are able to kill much lower level druids, aren’t we now?

Stick as close to the guards as you can while in Moonglade; the guards will attack anyone who starts a fight in Moonglade.

Quest 1 – Lessons Anew

Start – Turak Runetotem, Thunder Bluff (76,27)

Finish – Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Your Task: Travel to Moonglade and speak with Dendrite Starblaze in the village of Nighthaven. Piece of cake.

To start this four-quest chain you need to talk to Turak Runetotem in the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. (76,27) and get the quest “Lessons Anew.”

You might want to set your hearthstone for Thunder Bluff as you will be returning here to get to The Crossroads and then again at the end of this five quest chain, and that is by far the easiest way to travel.

Dialogue Turak Runetotem:

“You’re now ready to learn about poison
the power we as druids have over it, <name>. Cenarius has blessed us with the ability to
purge even the most foul of poisons with but
a mere incantation. This gift is not to be taken lightly… and to ensure you learn this lesson,
you’ll work to address the effects of poisonings
as a layman would.

Travel to Moonglade and speak with Dendrite Starblaze; he awaits your arrival to begin your lesson.

To complete the quest you must speak with Dendrite Starblaze in the village of Nighthaven, Moonglade.

You can teleport there using the Teleport Moonglade spell that is permanently in your spell book. (When you did the bear form quest you went to the same place.)

The Teleport Moonglade spell will place you right in front of the building in which you will find Dendrite Starblaze. Go inside and up to the second floor. (56,30)

Talk to Dendrite Starblaze. You will earn 80-100 XP.

Dendrite Starblaze will give you the next quest: “The Principal Source.”

Quest 2 – The Principal Source

Start: Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Finish: Tonga Runetotem, (52,31) Crossroads, The Barrens

Your Task: Draw a sample of water from the pool at the top of Dreadmist Peak, and then deliver it to Tonga Runetotem at the Crossroads, Barrens.

NOTE: Some level 14 druids solo this quest with no problems, while others find this quest to be a bit much to handle alone. Consider bringing along a friend level 14 or higher (a warrior or hunter might be good) to watch your back and help with the respawns. Another option is to wait until you are higher level and do it then. (You will be returning to this general area at level 16 when you do the first part of the third quest in the Sea Lion Form quest chain, so that may be a good time to revisit this one.)

Dialogue Dendrite Starblaze:

“Dreadmist Peak to the northwest of the Crossroads is most likely a primary candidate as to the source of the spread of the poison. Its airy peaks have pools of water that influence the weather patterns. I suspect the water is now tainted by the demon-worshipping Burning Blade.

“Use this sampler to draw water from the pool at the very top of the peak. Once filled, deliver it to Tonga Runetotem at the Crossroads. He is the one that requested our aid, and you will work with him to address this malady”

Once you receive the Dreadmist Peak Sampler vial from Dendrite Starblaze drag it onto your toolbar so that it will be easy to use.

If you do not have your hearthstone set to Thunder Bluff, you will instead visit the flight master in Moonglade and fly first to Thunder Bluff, and then to The Crossroads. Otherwise, just hearth to Thunder Bluff and fly to the Crossroads.

Mob Avoidance Technique:

I‘m going to describe the easiest way up the mountain that avoids the Burning Blade Accolyte camp. That (unofficial) trail starts at (51,22.) Your ultimate goal is the pool at the top of Dreadmist Peak (48,18.) The pool and the beginning of the unofficial trail that I recommend are shown on the map.

From the Crossroads take the Gold Road road out of town north to the signpost by the tower where the road from the east makes a T-intersection with the Gold Road. (52,23)

Turn left (west) under the tower and run to the right of the small pool towards the mountains (sort of north-west) until you reach (51,22) at the base of the ridge leading up into the mountain.

Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized

picture of the path to Dreadmist Peak.

Continue up this ridge to the top of Dreadmist Peak. The air will turn dark red from the dark red mist. (Just like the name: De red mist – ha, ha!) On the last bit of the mountain you may need to do a bit of zig-zagging to get to the very top.

Click here for the full-sized map of Dreadmist Peak.

At the top of Dreadmist Peak you will find a sizeable contingent of Burning Blade Accolyte mobs (see picture,) so be careful! The mobs are level 12 to 15, and they will double team you if they are in pairs. Basically, you will have to kill one group of two mobs. Walk into the pool and double click the flask to collect the sample. Make sure you are back to full health BEFORE you collect the sample from the pool. Also, the mobs respawn quickly.

Click picture for larger image.

Collecting the sample will aggro the other four mobs that you see standing around the pool in the picture. Don’t hang around!

Turn into bear form and just RUN AWAY back down the mountain on the same path that you came up. (Be careful not to get turned around and run the wrong way.) If you are concerned about being killed ask for help from a friend or a friendly person hanging around the Crossroads.

Bring the filled vial to Tonga Runetotem, (52,31) Crossroads. You’ll find Tonga outside near the second gate after you enter from the north.

Dialogue Tonga Runetotem:

“You are the one that the Cenarion Circle in Moonglade sent, yes? This is most fortuitous for us! We are stymied in our effort to bring balance to the sickly gazelles that wander the northern Barrens; we’re happy for all the help we can get.

“Do you have the sample of water that Dendrite Starblaze said you’d have? He notified me that you’d draw one so we could work on a cure together…

By my ancestors, this water is disgusting! No wonder the gazelles are sick.

“Something is polluting the water, and in turn beginning to wreck the northern Barrens ecosystem. Sick gazelles have been sighted all north of the east-west road here. While this water is most likely a primary source of the sickness spreading, there’s something else at work here.

“his water, believe it or not, will help us formulate a cure. While I research this water, I have need of some items to formulate a cure…”

You will earn 750 XP.

Tonga Runetotem will give you the next quest “Gathering the Cure.”

Quest 3 – Gathering the Cure

Start: Tonga Runetotem, (52,31) Crossroads, The Barrens

Finish: Tonga Runetotem, (52,31) Crossroads, The Barrens

Your Task: collect 5 Earthroot and 5 Kodo Horns and bring them to Tonga Runetotem

Dialogue Tonga Runetotem:

“The water will serve as the base of the curative salve I shall make for the gazelles. For curative properties, I need some earthroot. Herbalists know how to find it, so if you are not familiar with this skill you’ll need to find one to help us out.

“Finally for potency, I need kodo horns – mere chips and fragments will not suffice. Kodos you can handle wander the northern part of the Barrens; bring some down for the greater good of the balance <name>, and fetch the horns for me.”

5 Kodo Horns

Look for Lost Barrens Kodos (lvl 13-15) north and east of the Crossroads, just south of the Sludge Fen.

Check near the Samophlange quest building, (52,12) but watch out for hyenas and raptors in the area, and kill them in order to get to the Kodos. These Kodos should drop horns when killed.

If you aren’t having any luck there, you may also find Lost Barrens Kodos around the Stagnant Oasis south-east of the Crossroads. The Kodos there should also drop horns when killed.

Save the Earthroot!

Any druid can collect the 5 kodo horns, but the earthroot is different. Even though earthroot is a quest item here, in order to collect the earthroot you must have the herbalism profession. But, there are alternatives: you can kill certain mobs that drop earthroot, or you can buy earthroot on the Auction House or from select vendors.

If you do have herbalism as one of your professions you can find earthroot in the hills and mountains in the Barrens. You’ll find earthroot along the eastern edge of the Barrens, north and south of Ratchet near the hills and mountains. You’ll also find it along the mountain range on the western border of the Barrens.

If you want to Kill mobs that drop earthroot, be ready to spend some time. Tenders (lvl 5-7) and Green Keepers (lvl 7-10) drop earthroot in Eversong Woods, as do Corrupted Bloodtalon Scythemaws (lvl 10-11) and Voidwalker Minions (lvl 10-11) in Durotar.

If you decide to buy the earthroot, your best bet may be the Reagents, Herbs & Poison, or Alchemy & Herbalism vendors. These vendors have a limited supply, but the supply respawns, so don’t give up if the vendor’s inventory is low or non-existent when you first visit. Just wait a while or check back.

Since you’re already in The Crossroads you may as well check with Hula’mahi, the Reagents, Herbs & Poison supplier. If you have a Bloodelf alt in Silvermoon City he can visit Melaris, Alchemy Supplies seller (in the top right corner of the Court of the Sun) or the Silvermoon AH and mail your druid the earthroot.

If you just can’t wait, go check out the AH, but be aware that you may have to pay a premium price there, and it may not always be available.

You can find vendors in these locations who sell earthroot (last time I checked) for about 80 coppers each:

  • Hula’mahi, Reagents, Herbs & Poison Supplies, The Crossroads, The Barrens
  • Melaris, Alchemy Supplies, in the top right corner of the Court of the Sun, Silvermoon City:
  • Rathis Tomber, Tomber’s Supplies, The Ghostlands, Tranquillien
  • Selina Weston, Alchemy & Herbalism Supplies, Tirisfal Glades, Brill
  • Montarr, Lorekeeper, Freewind Post, Thousand Needles

Return to Tonga Runetotem with the items you have collected.

Dialogue Tonga Runetotem:

“Have you got the reagents I need to make the salve? The gazelle aren’t getting any better on their own, so we better not tarry in our effort to save them!

“This is good, <name>, so much so that it should be enough to make some ample doses of the salve – at least enough to start to make a difference.

“Making a cure for poisons can be quite difficult at times because each one often requires a very specific antidote to counteract it. Imagine being able to cure a poison at will without having to worry about the exact ingredients of what the antidote must be!

“Now, let me get to work on this!”

Tonga Runetotem will reward you with 75-750 XP and give you the next quest “Curing the Sick.”

Quest 4 – Curing the Sick

Start: Tonga Runetotem, (52,31) Crossroads, The Barrens

Finish – Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Your Task: Use the Curative Animal Salve on 10 Sickly Gazelles in The Barrens

Dialogue Tonga Runetotem:

“Use the Curative Animal Salve on 10 Sickly Gazelles that are located throughout the northern part of the Barrens; doing so should cure them. Sickly Gazelles have been reported north of the east-west road that runs through the Crossroads.

“I was able to make enough salve for ten doses of curing, <name>. While I work with local authorities to try and make some more salve, I’d like for you to help us get a head start. All around the northern Barrens are sickly gazelles; use the salve on them and cure their malaise.

“Dendrite Starblaze in Moonglade will want to talk to you when you’re done, I’m sure. Please extend our thanks to the Cenarion Circle there… and let me say thanks to you directly for the help you’ve given!”

Tonga Runetotem will give you the 10 doses of
Curative Animal Salve. Drag these onto your tool bar for ease of use.

Your mission is to find 10 Sickly Gazelles that are located throughout The Barrens and use the “Curative Animal Salve” them. Check out these coords: (51,38) (52,37) (55,38) (56,38) (47,37) and (53,31) for the gazelles.

You can’t miss the Sickly Gazelles; they are the bright green gazelles with green skulls floating around them in a cloud. See the screenshot.

You may encounter the occasional bugged gazelle that will cause you to waste salve. If you should run out of salve before you have cured 10 sickly gazelles you can abandon the quest, return to Tonga Runetotem, and start all over again.

Cure two gazelles for the price of one salve!

Here’s a tip that may speed up your quest and help you to avoid running out of salve due to bugged gazelles. You may have noticed that those sickly gazelles always try to run away. Well, when you find a sickly gazelle hit it with rank 1 entangling roots and then apply the salve to cure it.

You should get credit for curing it, and then you will get credit again when it dies from the roots! That’s two gazelle credit for one gazelle and a good deal. (This little glitch was still working as of May 2008.)

When you have cured all 10 gazelles visit Dendrite Starblaze again in Moonglade, using your Teleport Moonglade spell.

Dialogue Dendrite Starblaze:

“Have you completed what was asked of you by Tonga Runetotem at the Crossroads? Your work is not complete unless it is.

“You have done well in tending to the sickly gazelles of the Barrens; they are unwitting victims of a greater taint and corruption that is spreading all throughout the land. You <race> are most eager to understand the ways of Cenarius; you, like your elders in Thunder Bluff, are proving that the need for balance transcends artificial racial barriers.

“<name>, you’ve proven your worth as an friend of nature and the Circle – take this as a symbol of such.”

Dendrite Starblaze will reward you with 75-750 XP and

the Veildust Medicine Bag.

The Veildust Medicine Bag:

Binds when picked up.

It is held In the off-hand.

It gives these bonuses:
+1 Intellect;
+1 Spirit

It is special and only for those of us who are Druids.

It restores 50 mana every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

It has a cooldown of 30 minutes.

The item is Level 15.

Dendrite Starblaze will give you the next quest “Power Over Poison.”

Quest 5 – Power Over Poison

Start – Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Finish – Turak Runetotem, Thunder Bluff (76,27)

Your Task: Return to Turak Runetotem

Dialogue Dendrite Starblaze:

“You’ve learned what it means to cure poison without the benefit of spiritual aid. Remember what others must endure in fighting poisonous afflictions as you soon embrace your newfound power over poison.

“You should now return to Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff, <name>. He, no doubt, has a very important spell to teach you now that the student understands the lesson given unto him.

“Farewell, young druid. We shall speak again.”

Well, this is about as easy as it gets. Aren’t you glad that you set your hearthstone for Thunder Bluff?

Hearth back and return to Turak Runetotem in the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. (76,27)

If you didn’t set your hearthstone for Thunder Bluff you will have to visit the flight master in Moonglade and get a ride back to Thunder Bluff. (Watch for PvPers on your way to the flight master if you are on a PvP server.)

When you talk with Turak Runetotem he will reward you with 975 XP, and he will train you in the Cure Poison spell. This is an instant cast spell good up to a 40 yard range, and it cures 1 poison effect on the target.

There you have the whole Horde Druid Power Over Poison Quest Chain.

Click this link for the Alliance Version.

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