Horde Druid Bear Form Quest Chain


Horde Druid Bear Form
Quest Chain

All druids look forward to getting the spell for Bear Form, a great way to handle melee combat. Both Horde and Alliance druids have to complete a bear form quest chain to get the spell for their bear form, but certain parts are different, so, for clarity, I have made a separate walk through for each.

This quest walk through is for the Horde.

Use this link for the Alliance Bear Form quest walk through.

The Horde Druid Bear Form quest chain has five parts:

1- Heeding the Call

2- Moonglade,

3- The Great Bear Spirit,

4- Back to Thunder Bluff, and

-5 Body and Heart.

*** NOTE: Most quests will be much easier if you have a map Addon (allowed by Blizzard) that has map coordinates.

I will give you directions in case you do not have map addons, but this Druid Power Over Poison quest chain walk through also includes the map coordinates in parenthesis like this: (x,y)

Visit this link for more information, including how to get free WoW Addons such as Map Notes or Titan Panel.

WARNING FOR PvP SERVERS: This quest is for all druids- Horde and Alliance- and Moonglade is contested territory for those of you who are on PvP servers.

The biggest problem druids have with the Moonglade parts of the quest series seems to be that those on PvP servers are attacked by higher level druids of the opposing faction. Kind of makes you feel like the warlock imp pet who says, “can’t we all just get along!” Oh well, I’m sure we are all very impressed with those high level druids who are able to kill much lower level druids, aren’t we now?

Stick as close to the guards as you can while in Moonglade; the guards will attack anyone who starts a fight in Moonglade.

Quest 1 – Heeding the Call

Start – Gennia Runetotem, Mulgore (or your level 10 trainer)

Finish – Turak Runetotem, Thunder Bluff (76,27)

Your Task: Travel to Thunder Bluff and speak with Turak Runetotem.

To start this four-quest chain when you reach level 10 you need to talk to Gennia Runetotem, in Mulgore, or whichever trainer gives you your level 10 training. First click on the trainer to get for your regular level 10 training, and then click on the trainer again to get “Heeding the Call,” the first part of this series.

Gennia Runetotem or your level 10 trainer will say the following:

Dialogue Gennia Runetotem:

“Excuse me, friend…

“It has come to my attention that Turak Runetotem has put out word that he wishes to speak with you. It seems that your training as a druid is about to take on a new life, and he will be training you personally. Turak is one of the Arch Druid’s assistants; he is known as a wise and patient druid, and he should teach you well.

“He is located in Thunder Bluff, inside the Cenarion Circle’s main tent on the Elder Rise.”

To complete the quest you must speak with Turak Runetotem in the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. (76,27)

While you are in Thunder Bluff set your hearthstone here as you will be returning here for the fourth quest, and that is by far the easiest way to travel. Make sure your hearthstone is available (not on cool down) when you start out. Also, here in Thunder Bluff and everywhere that you go click on the flightmaster to learn the fly point.

Talk to Turak Runetotem. You will earn 85 XP.

Turak Runetotem will give you the next quest: “Moonglade.”

Quest 2 – Moonglade

Start: Turak Runetotem in the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. (76,27)

Finish: Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Your Task: Travel to Moonglade and speak with Dendrite Starblaze in the village of Nighthaven. Piece of cake.

Dialogue Turak Runetotem:

“All druids are welcomed to the sacred lands of Moonglade, tauren and night elf alike. Keeper Remulos – Moonglade’s guardian – keeps watch over all druids who hibernate there. Now that you’re learning the ways of the Claw, I’ll teach you the spell that lets you transport yourself there. Cast it whenever you seek Moonglade’s knowledge or solace.

“As for your first lesson, travel to Moonglade and speak with Dendrite Starblaze in Nighthaven about the path you’re now on. Good luck, young druid.”

After you accept the Moonglade quest look on the first tab in your spell book. You will find a teleport button that Turak Runetotem has just placed there permanently. Click on it to teleport to Moonglade to do the next part of the quest.

The Teleport Moonglade spell will place you right in front of the building in which you will find Dendrite Starblaze. Go inside and up to the second floor. (56,30)

You will earn 210 XP.

Dendrite Starblaze will give you the next quest “The Great Bear Spirit.”

Quest 3 – The Great Bear Spirit

Start: Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Finish: Great Bear Spirit, Moonglade (39,27)

Your Task: Talk to the Great Bear Spirit

Dialogue Dendrite Starblaze:

“In the northwest part of Moonglade resides the home of a wise and noble being we call the Great Bear Spirit. For all druids, it has served as a tutor and mentor into the first true natural understanding of the bear. All druids at one point seek the spirit’s wisdom, and you shall be no exception.

“Go to the Great Bear Spirit now and learn what it will teach. When it is satisfied with you, return to me here in Nighthaven. We will then see if you have truly taken account of the lessons it teaches.”

The Great Bear Spirit is very close by: northwest of Dendrite Starblaze around (39,26) to (39,28.)

The Great Bear Spirit does not have a yellow question mark floating over his head, but he glows and you can read his name. Just click on him and click through the dialogue series. The screen will tell you when you have finished that part of the quest.

When you have finished this part return to Dendrite Starblaze to obtain the next quest. The best way to do this is to use your Teleport Mooonglade spell.

If you try to run back to the village and find Dendrite Starblaze’s house you may find yourself having problems: 1- there is another building that looks exactly the same as Dendrite Starblaze’s place; 2- if you are on a PvP server there may be high level PvPers who are lying in wait. So, just use the teleport spell again.

Quest 4 – Horde: Back to Thunder Bluff

Start: Dendrite Starblaze, Moonglade (56,30)

Finish – Turak Runetotem in the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. (76,27)

Your Task: Get back to Thunder Bluff. No problem.

Dialogue Dendrite Starblaze:

“The time has come for us to part ways, young one, as the application of your lessons takes you back to whom that sent you to me. Though the tauren are thought to be young in the ways of Cenarius, Turak Runetotem walks with much balance in the presence of nature. Listen to his instructions, and you will soon complete your first lessons into your role as a protector of balance.

“Go now, young one. We shall meet again.

If you set your hearthstone for Thunder Bluff and it is not on a cool down use it now.

If you do not have your hearthstone set for Darnassus, or it is on cool down, you can go to the special druid fly point in Moonglade (free and only for druids,) and catch a ride back. You will find them at (44,45) in the south-western corner of the Village of Nighthaven. The Alliance flight takes you only to Rut’theran Village in Teldrassil. The Horde flight takes you only to Thunder Bluff. Watch out for PvP-ers.

Dialogue Turak Runetotem:

“Welcome back, <Name>. I sense that your first meeting with the Great Bear Spirit is the same as it is with all druids when they first start down the path of the Claw… a little bewildering, but very intense. I know it was that way with me.

“The Great Bear Spirit has been a part of Azeroth as long as Azeroth has existed in the heavens. We tauren listen closely to such spirits, and we all prosper from its purpose. Now, the time has now come for your first test of this purpose. Listen closely…”

You will earn 85 XP for completing this quest.

Turak Runetotem will give you the next quest “Body and Heart .”

Quest 5 – Body and Heart

Start – Turak Runetotem, Thunder Bluff (76,27)

Finish – Turak Runetotem, Thunder Bluff (76,27)

Your Task: Find and defeat Lunaclaw, and then return to Turak Runetotem.

Dialogue Dendrite Starblaze:

“On land west of Taurajo in the Barrens – just before it turns into Mulgore – lies a Moonkin Stone. The moonkin are special beasts, not native to these parts. Lunaclaw, the stone’s defender, will face you when Cenarion Lunardust is applied to it. Lunaclaw possesses within it a strength that you must use as one of the Claw.

“You’ve earned the right to use this Cenarion Lunardust, <name>… now show me that you’ve earned the right to possess the strength of body and the strength of heart needed as a druid!.”

This quest sends you into the Barrens to find and defeat Lunaclaw. When he gives you the quest Turak Runetotem will also give you some Cenarion Lunardust that you will need for the quest.

You will find Lunaclaw west of Taraujo, in the Barrens, just before it turns into Mulgore. Enter the Barrens from Mulgore and go directly south. You will see a hut with an ork called Peon. Behind the hut is a little ravine with a large tree, and behind this tree is the Moonkin Stone. Coordinates are (42,60.)

Be certain you have Thorns and Mark of the Wild cast on yourself. Apply the dust to the stone and Lunaclaw, the defender of the stone (a level 12 moonkin) will appear.

You can use entangling roots to keep him at a distance, hit him with rank 2 moonfire, then wrath, entangle, wrath, etc. You may want to have rejuvenation up in case you are hit. First aid or health potions are always beneficial.

Lunaclaw’s spirit will be released over his body when he is dead. (See the screenshot below.) Talk to his spirit and he will give you what you need to complete the quest, after which you return to Turak Runetotem.

The Camp Taraujo flight node is close by, so when you’re done grab it and you can fly back to Thunder Bluff.

See Turak Runetotem on the Elder Rise, hand in the quest, and you will receive your bear form spell.

There you have the whole Horde Druid Bear Form Quest Chain.

Click this link for the Alliance Version.

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