Sep 202008

I’m going to start a series of gold making tips. I keep seeing chat comments along the lines of “I’m broke…” or “gold making is (hard)…” etc.

Did you know that Bliz is bringing in a new multi-person mount for something like 15,000 gold? I guess there are a few who don’t find it hard to get that much cash.

Some people buy their gold, of course, which is kinda mostly safe. While buying gold is 100% against the Blizzard terms of service, well, there seems to be a big market for it. I guess that not toooo many people are being banned for buying.

While I’m not the hard charging gold making machine, I’ve made enough to buy my epic flyer a few times over, on a couple of servers, so buying gold just isn’t interesting to me.

I’ll offer tips here in no particular order. Some will be for the low levels, some for the high levels, some will require cash and some won’t. Hit the Get the Gold category for all the tips as time goes on.

For all of these tips I’m assuming that you are using an alternate character (alt) as your main Auction House banker. The Auctioneer Addon is invaluable and you’ll make a lot more gold with it than without it.

Buy it Out:

I’m going to use Copper ore as an example here, but this applies to any number of items for sale on the Auction House (AH.) This one will require a bit of cash.

You’ve mined a couple of stacks of copper ore for sale. You send it off to your banker and log that character in to post your ore. Checking prices you see that some fool has posted several stacks of ore at 75 silvers a stack.

Don’t get mad. Buy them out. Buy out all the copper ore that’s under a target price. For example, of your target sell price is 3gold a stack then buy out everything that’s under 2 gold a stack. Skip the lots that have just a bid with no buyout price, unless the time remaining is short (30 min.)

Resell those stacks at 3 gold each (or a bit more.) I wouldn’t recommend putting putting up tons of ore at one time, but several stacks is ok.

Copper sells to people wanting to work up their mining, blacksmithing, and other skills and many people will buy lots of the stuff at any one time. Put yours up at a reasonable price and it will go fast enough. All those stacks you bought at 2 gold or less will sell at a profit.

If you see someone in the trade chat selling copper (or anything) at a price that you can buyout and then resell at a profit, then buy it.

As you learn the market prices of other items you will see similar opportunities here and there. Farmers dump a load on the market at a too low price, you buy it up and resell it at market price.

Don’t overprice it or you’ll be left with a lot of inventory which just doesn’t sell.

Now, if the market price on your server is, for example, 5 gold a stack, then adjust your prices accordingly.

Good luck.

By the way, if you don’t feel comfortable buying and reselling (and some people don’t) then just hold your ore/items until someone else buys out the low priced stuff, then post yours at the higher price.

If you want to add tips of your own, other comments, or want something explained further, then just hit the comment box (gently, it’s fragile.)

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