Jul 012008

Took my level 70 Rogue through the Scarlet Monastery today and took notes as to what was looted. Just the one one run through each of the four instances. I did run out of bag space, so some greys were tossed to make room for better stuff.

So for those of you who might be interested in doing this, here are the results. I’ll post actual sales totals when they’ve all come in. I expect this will come to over 300 gold total. Not bad for the time spent.

22gold, 27 silver after cash looted and selling greys and Bind on Pickup blues (BoP). All other items were sent to my Auction House mule for sale or disenchanting (and selling of the pieces.)

12 stacks of silk cloth, put up for about 9 gold. Don’t have any 1st aid or tailoring to work up or Rep that I want, so it’s all sold.

13 greens disenchanted into 9 vision dust, 20 soul dust, 1 greater astral essence, 2 lesser mystic essence, 1 large glowing shard. Posted on AH for just over 24 gold total.

7 greens put up on Ah for 3 to 15g each. Asking a total of 41.34

3 Bind on Equip (BoE) Blues found, 215.41 total asking price.
Here’s what I found:

Also found were a few skins (from skinning) and a few potions.

So I may do this again.

edit – Stuff has mostly sold. Not at 300g, but not bad. Current total is 258g 60s for everything from junk to BoE blues. The Butcher sold for just over 150g (Bloodscalp server.)

I may set aside a few hours and do it again. Clear the four instances, sell at Brill, mail everything else to the mule, rinse and repeat.

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