Pilgim’s Bountry and 425+ Cooking

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Nov 222011

I had an interesting realization the other day. I hadn’t known that the Cooking skill has no level requirement. Yes, this means that you can get max cooking on your level 1, given all the appropriate recipes. I now have skill level 429 on a level 3 and Illustrious Grandmaster rank. Spending the money and doing the time to get the recipes and mats is the issue. Now it’s easy, for this week anyway.

429 Cooking skill from Pilgrims Bounty

With the Pilgrim’s Bounty Holiday event you can actually level your cooking from 1 to 430 with amazing ease.

Grab the recipes book from the event’s cooking vendor and cook up the recipes. You can buy all the mats from the city vendors and they’re cheap. At 280 you will be able to cook “Slow Roasted Turkey.” The interesting thing about this recipe is that you get 2 points of skill per turkey cooked and you get it until you’re over 400 skill, even though the skill greys out. (This is probably a big, either they grey point or the level that you can reach.)

Hunt down a whole bunch of turkeys and cook ’em up. You’ll hit 420 easily, then it start to slow. I hit 429 and ran out of turkeys and got bored with hunting them. 🙂 I don’t know how high it will go, but you’ll need a lot of turkeys to get much last 430.

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