Nov 132011


It’s the Gold Speed Run.

Check it out here

Apart from being a killer game concept, Jon Kenins (creator of the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint) tells me that the Gold Speed Run is also the fastest way to make extreme amounts of gold. And he’s got the proof to back it up.

What’s a Gold Speed Run? Hop onto a brand new server. No friends, no guilds, no gold buying, no transfers, start from zero. Create as many alts as you like. Amass as much gold as you can in 30 days.

He organized a Gold Speed Run for his exclusive insiders’ gold-making club in March this year, and the results were amazing:

  • 2.8 Million Gold earned in 30 days, starting from zero
  • top gold earner alone brought in 359,313 gold
  • average gold earned by all challengers: 63,901 gold – this needs more explanation: 11 people broke 100k gold, 40 broke 1k. How do you think you would do?

Keep in mind that he’s talking about doing all this with level 1 toons, and starting on a new server with no other help of any kind… not even start-up cash. Want more proof? I did my own run, not as a part of his contest, just to see if anyone could do this.

Using his techniques it’s almost trivial to break 1k gold. (300k is a bit harder… 😉 .) I wrote it up on GotWarcraft: 30 Days to (over) 1k Gold

So maybe you’re asking…

“How can I get some?!”

Well now’s your chance!

Jon is running a new Gold Speed Run Challenge starting next week. And he’s inviting newbie speed runners to sign up for a preview video series that shows you exactly how to get the same kind of results in your own gold game. Get the videos here!

Speed Run FTW!

One more thing:  Jon is limiting the entries in this Speed Run to avoid overwhelming the auction house economy on any one Realm. Sign up for the preview video series, and you’ll be on the early bird list for first shot at a spot when the challenge opens up next week!


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