May 202008

One of the best tips available for earning more gold in WoW is to get the Auctioneer addon. This handy tool learns the auctionhouse, over time, and will give you valuable info on the market price of any item you come across.

You can grab Auctioneer here, documentation is available on the site. Hit the site and go to downloads. You’ll want to full suite, which combines both the classic and advanced suites.

Here’s a video which will show you how to make wow gold by using the various Auctioneer functions. Check it out.

Update 10/24: Auctioneer has officially moved to the advanced suite and the “classic suite” will no longer be supported.

The buying and selling is now done through the Appraiser interface, which takes a little bit to learn, but which is actually kind of cool.

You can either dig through the docs and forums on the Auctioneer site to learn how to use it, or you can log into your Massive WoW Gold Blueprint account, where Jon has uploaded a 45 min video on the ins and outs of the new Auctioneer. Also included with that are 45 minute videos on the Inscription profession and the buying and selling of herbs for massive gold.

If you don’t have a Blueprint account you can check that product out, here. It’s wildly different from all the other gold guides out there: The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint Review

edit 6/26: Keep in mind that as Blizzard updates WoW it also updates the programming code used to build our addons. This is what results in addon breakage and the need to update our addons. So if Auctioneer isn’t working (see comment) upgrade to the latest version.

  7 Responses to “The Auctioneer Addon”

  1. Pros: Batch posting when it works

    Cons: Classic version – although “highly recommended” by developers – has a ton of bugs that the devs just refuse to address. Windows won’t refresh, slash commands won’t stay after logout, Use my current price always comes up LESS than your real current price is, and more. From the developer forum:

    You keep pushing this program on people that won’t update to the “current price” (5 silver less when you have the lowest price even though it says it’s gonna post the current price), that defaults to descending order not ascending in lists from the top down (how very unnatural, no one wants the highest on the top they want to see the lowest), that won’t refresh, that doesn’t know how to use “last price sold” even HOURS later and after logouts and logins not to mention several other commands that no longer “keep” after logging out like they did before, that you don’t even WANT people to use and that by your own admission you aren’t doing anything about…because….why?

    They are directing people to their “advanced” version and even one of the developers says the interface is “pig latin” for Advanced. But if you ask them about any of the bugs in the much easier to use classic, they will tell you they aren’t fixing it, to use advanced, but that they are letting people download the classic, AND they are updating the Revision number without even making any changes or bug fixes to it, because “some people have an old database they don’t want to lose.” In just about every basic function of the classic version doesn’t work any more…yet they refuse to pull it and continue to lie to people and “recommend” this and they tell people “it works” and if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it.

    What the hell kind of ****** up attitude is that for a developer? Go read the forums for yourself…they are a bunch of shortsighted morons who are getting TONS of complaints about this and they just are too stupid to know their users are saying something to them and continue to try to push this advanced with its sucky interface that everyone I know of hates.

  2. Hey smtips, thanks for the comment.

    I haven’t read the dev forums, and don’t intend to since I’m not coding anything. But I’ve read others and many of those have similar complaints. Heck, read the WoW forums.

    Auctioneer, while not perfect, works well enough and, glitches and all, it’s a huge help. I use it all the time, it’s helped me make a ton of gold, and so I recommend it.

    No, you shouldn’t rely on it’s recommended prices, especially since some people will spoof those prices (eg: putting up spring water for 5k gold.) You do need to add your own input to come up with the best plan for your buying/selling.

    I’m not up to coding a replacement, but I’ve done coding, so I tend to give devs a break. . Besides, I’ve learned to use this thing well enough and just ignore that parts that don’t work for me.

    The whole point of using the program is that if you’re trying to make serious game gold Auctioneer really will be a big help.

    Until something better comes along.

  3. I’m sorry after the last upgrades to Auctioneer, i find that it is frustrating and hardly of any use. All i am really looking for is a package that will ESTIMATE the starting bid and buyout based on auction history. Thanks for making a good product bad.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    Yeah, I had gotten used to the old version and then they dumped it. But as I mentioned above I’ve gotten used to the new one and I think I like it better, in some ways anyway. It is quite a change from the old version and does have a learning curve.

    I was getting frustrated with the appraiser not showing all auctions, but then I found the setting to fix that. I don’t usually use the estimated pricing, it’s frequently WAY off, especially on items with a lot of price variation (glyphs.)

    The estimated price stuff is still there, though. It also has hooks to the WoWecon plugin.

    So yeah, I use it, I like it, and I’m doing ok with it. Good luck on your hunt for a replacement, though.

  5. I use the suite, and despite some glitches, I have found it to help alot with AH management and gold gen.

    I also use my own system within the game to maximize profit, and auctioneer makes that work better since it works with all of my toons.
    if anyone would like to get more details, i am developing a small basic guide, and will not be charging for it until sometime in 2010 so i will send what i have in the rough draft.

    its probably not as awsome as many of the others out there but free is always good, hope it helps.

    Drew Z The”Warcraft Guy”

  6. Is Auctioneer dead?
    while loading Lich King i got an error that said something like running the fix would turn off all addons. I didn’tmind auctioneer being turned off, but i’ve reloaded it from half a dozen sites or more and they are all incompatible or dead links

    as for the comment about water being posted for 5 gold, week before i lost auctioneer, someone paid over 3 gold for 20 water

  7. No, Autioneer seems to be alive and well, but you must upgrade to the new version. Blizzard changes the underlying addon code from time to time and that breaks addons, hence the upgrades. Currently I’m using the preview suite, version 5.6.4315, but there’s a newer version, dated 6/25. Here’s the link to the current preview version.

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