Flying in Draenor

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Jun 172015

They said it wasn’t going to happen, but now it is. It seems that whenever Blizzard says “never” we should take it as “not at this time, but we reserve the right to change our minds.” So flying is officially actually going to happen.

Draenor pathfinder progressBut there’s a catch. In order to enable flying in Draenor you will have so do a couple of simple things:

  1. Have a tier 3 Garrison and enough Garrison Resources to build that shipyard that’s coming in 6.2.
  2. Do all the quests in all the zones. This gives you the Loremaster achievement.
  3. Completely explore all of those zones, getting the exploration achievement for each.
  4. Find 100 of those treasures that are scattered about all the zones of Draenor.  The HandyNotes addon (from curse or curseforge) will mark all of the teasures, and other things, on your maps.
  5. Do those daily Apexis quests that you love so much. There are 12 of them. And no, just grinding up the crystals through other means or garrison missions won’t do it. You need to “Secure Draenor” and do ’em all. You can buy any of the missions that you haven’t done for 200 resources from the Garrison Stuff dealer in front of your town hall.
  6. Do a whole bunch of quests in the new zone, Tanaan. This is the zone where you entered Draenor and then left to form your Garrison. Now you can go back. The goal of the quests is to get Revered reputation with three factions in Tanaan. Four or five minutes work, right?

Doing all of this gets you the meta-achievement Draenor Pathfinder. Once you have that you might still have to wait a bit, as flying won’t actually be enabled until a small patch after 6.2.

Actually, I think it’s a pretty interesting comprise from Blizzard’s original “No Flying in Draenor” announcements. Blizzard wants us to explore all those places which they put so much work into. Now they’ll reward us for it.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those World PvP guilds decided to require this achievement.

Better get working on it now, and you’ll have a lot of or most of it done by the time flying goes live. And yes, this will be a lot more interesting to do on your PvP server than a PvE server.

More on This Flying Stuff

  • Zygor will help you with the leveling, loremaster, reputations, and more. Go here and check it out.
  • Blizzards flying post and the 5,555 comments (which will be more when you see it.)
  • WoWhead has a flying tool that will help you to check your progress towards the Draenor Pathfinder achievement. Just enter your realm and character and go.
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The Burdens of Shaohao – the Prelude

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Aug 032013

Blizzard will be releasing a series of videos on ancient Pandaria  lore, The Burdens of Emperor Shaohao.

In this Prelude we’re introduced to the last Pandaren Emperor, Shaohao. He receives a vision that is not quite what he hoped it would be…


This is his story:



Faction and Server Balancing?

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Jun 052011

Aion is running an interesting promotion and I’m wondering if this is something that WoW could use?

Basically, they are offering incentives to entice people to roll on the Asmodean faction and are offering goodies. They also have a couple of PvP incentives. More here: Faction Balance? What a Concept…

So what could WoW do as an incentive for people to roll on or the other faction on particular servers?

If there anything that could be done to tempt more people into the PvP game?

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May 022011

The 25 man Heroic raid boss bin Ladin is finally down. While the instance was actually opened perhaps five years ago, no announcement was made. In fact, measures were taken to keep the opening of the raid zone a secret. After years of careful study the raid entrance was discovered.

A team of, mostly ranged, DPS from the guild “Seal Team 6” did their homework, studied the fights, learned their rotations, practiced until everything was second nature, made sure consumable were stocked and gear was repaired, and in an assault that should be used as a model for raids everywhere, downed the trash and the boss in well under an hour. The only loss was, apparently, one gyro.

Rather than the usual practice of the raid team standing around the body for screenshots, they removed the body from the scene and vendored it… er… buried it at sea.

Here’s a poor video of the post raid scene, no bodies, some blood.

Some say that the raid happened a week ago, but the live tweeting shows that it was, in fact, yesterday.

Kudos to the Seal team 6 guild, and their associates, for a job well done!

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All Your Addons Are Doomed!

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Oct 112010

Hey all,

The 4.0 patch is a few hours away. Consider that this is a huge patch and it will likely break many or most of your addons, especially any that deal with game mechanics, talents, or abilities. Time to head back to Curse and start looking for updates.

Forewarned is forearmed. 🙂

Edit: Yep, they’re broken. So are many of the macros.

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Aug 162010

In another post on this site, Cataclysm and the Goblins, a commenter brought to my attention something to help with the WoWhead Tooltips thingie (WTT.) What the standard WTT does is pop up a tooltip when you hover over a WoWhead link. It’s powered by a javascript which you can place somewhere in your site/blog template (I suggest the footer area.) It’s easy, quick to install, and it works.

Unless WoWhead is down. 😉

The script tries to connect to WoWhead and If the WoWhead servers are having problems then your site will be slower to load. Apparently WoWhead has been having the occasional issue these days, as it gets ready for Cataclysm. It’s very slow as I write this post.

So the commenter, one Mentor, mentioned an improved WTT and posted instructions on his site, here: Install WOWHead Tooltips

It’s a little more complicated than the standard WTT install and you will have to create a MySQL database in your control panel. Once you have that, you run an install program, install a plugin, add some code to your header file, and you’re good to go. It completely replaces enhances the standard tooltip usage.

The problem is that I can’t really see the point to this device. Originally I thought it would replace the WTT, but then I removed the old WTT scripts and… I just get a link. Now, it’s quite likely that I’m a boob and can’t do code to save my life, but I don’t see any tooltips on his site, either. Not with FireFox or Explorer.

I’m putting the old WoWhead javascript back, but I’ll try it in the footer and see if that helps the pages to load better.

The tooltips wiki has complete documentation if you want to check it out:

Here are some links copied straight from the examples on the Wiki pages, using the code in the example. They pop the tooltip since I replaced the WTT.

  • item: [item]Rigormortis[/item]
  • a heroic item: [item heroic]Rigormortis[/item]
  • item: [item]titansteel shanker[/item]
  • blue item:[item]Armor of the Fang[/item]
  • green item: [item]Battle Seeker Chestguard[/item]
  • Achievement: [achievement]call in the cavalry[/achievement]
  • It’s supposed to call the WoWarmory, but I can’t get it to work with this character: [armory loc=”{us},{Bloodscalp}” ]Irillys[/armory]

Here are some links made the old way (HTML links:)

hmmm… Ok, the javascript is back in and the examples are a nice purple and they do the tooltips, but the old style links aren’t colored.

After all that:

Ok, I get it, i think. (Yes, I’m slow. Shut up. 😉 ) You get the tooltips with the original WoWhead javascript and you get the pretty colors and a few options with the new Tooltips thing. The old WTT will still do the tooltip, but without the pretty colors. I like colors.

You no longer don’t have to browse WoWhead for the item URL if you already know the name of the item, achievement, or whatever. Just plug it into the new syntax and the link happens. See the documentation pages for the syntax, copy the examples, play around with them a bit, and you’ll achieve enlightenment.

You have to have both codes for all the goodies and you have to use the new syntax to get the colors and added features, it won’t happen with the HTML links. Installing the new thing will do nothing to any old WoWhead links you may have. They are all safe.

It’s installed, and it seems to work now, so I’ll keep it.

Happy New Year

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Jan 012010

Happy New Year
to all of You and Yours

Regardless of race or faction affiliation or the quality of your gear!

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Dec 212008

Ok, this issue came up due to a comment I received (see below.) Here I assumed that the Guide Seller Nyhm was who I thought he claimed to be: the Video Maker Nyhm. So if it’s not the case then there’s the Nyhm who sells a set of WoW guides and there’s the Nyhm who has put together a set of cool videos, some of which I’ve posted on this blog.

I’ve sent emails to both, asking “What’s up with this?” and I’ll try again later if I don’t get a response. I’ll update this post with any replies I get. Feel free to add your comments, as well.

Nyhm of the Vids sent this comment, to this post, this morning:

B***S***!!  This is not me, i never did an interview with anyone, this is some fool still trying to sell his garbage. Im getting damn sick of this shit and im going to have to make a video putting this site and any gold selling site out of buisness once and for all.

Im done with this b***s***!

By the way, I saved the email interview. So it looks like there are the two Nyhms (and I’ve been told that this might be the case.)

Until then I’ll go through all my Nyhm posts and delete the guide references that looks like they confuse the two Nyhms and make sure that Nyhm of the Vids gets appropriate credits.

By the way…

  1. Nyhm of the Vids page is here
  2. Nyhm of the Guide’s page is here (and it isn’t working as I write this. edit: it works now. )

Anyone care to add anything to this?

Update: Nyhm of the Videos sent an email stating that he is not the same guy as Nyhm of the guides. So I have deleted all of the guide links, since those links were on pages with videos by Nyhm of the Videos. My bad.

Update 2: Nyhm of the Guides sent an email the stated that they are different Nyhm’s, but that they have very similar characters. WoWarmory lists nearly 100 Nyhm’s as I write this, so there seem to be a few that can lay claim to the name.

updated: edited 12/31 for grammer, etc.

By the way #1: Nyhm of the Videos has graciously agreed to an interview and I’m coming up with questions to ask, which hopefully won’t be too brain-dead. Any suggestions?

12/31: No questions have come up so you’ll have to live with mine. Ha.

By the way #2: Nyhm is not to be confused with MGM’s NIMH.

Ok, now I’m going to go play WoW for a few…

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