Horde Rogue Level 10 Quests


The Quests for the Blade of Cunning

At level 10 the World of Warcraft Rogues can do a series of quests in order to obtain a really nice dagger: the Blade of Cunning, a unique one-hand dagger with +2 Agility and speed 2 that does 6.8 dps. This can be very helpful at these lower levels. You also gain XP; the amount varies depending on your level.

The number of quests varies substantially depending on your race. Most Horde rogues have two to three quests, but the Undead max out at five quests.

The skills you use also vary depending on race. For the Horde, Blood Elf rogues employ their sneaking, sapping, and pickpocketing skills, while Troll, Orc, and Undead rogues perform kill and loot quests.

For all of these walk-throughs I have included maps, map coordinates, a verbal description, and screenshots. I have offered suggestions for dealing with the trickier parts of each quest series, as well. Hopefully this information will make your questing easier and more enjoyable. Let me know if this helped by leaving a comment at the end of this article.

Here’s to your Roguish questing!

Horde Rogues: Select your race to skip down to your Level 10 quest walkthrough on this page:

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This page contains Horde quests; visit this other page for the Alliance Rogue Level 10 quest walkthroughs.

Horde Blood Elf Rogues – The Level 10 Rogue Quests

For Blood Elves this rogue quest chain involves just three quests. The only dangerous part is the second quest in which you sap and then pickpocket a Night Elf who is in an area filled with other Night Elves.

Zelanis <Rogue Trainer>

Quest #1 – Find Keltus Darkleaf

You get the first quest, Find Keltus Darkleaf,from Zelanis, <Rogue Trainer> in Silvermoon City’s Murder Row. (79,52) Zelanis sends you to locate one of his spies, Keltus Darkleaf, and bring back his reports.

Keltus is on the north edge of the Golden Mist Village island, north and east of the village. You can get there by traveling south on the road from Silvermoon City until you reach the Elrander river which forms the border between Eversong Woods on the north and the Ghostlands on the south. Stay on the Eversong Woods side of the river and head west along the river’s edge. You will see Keltus standing on the island across the river with Whisper, a large bat, hovering above him. (33,11)

Keltus Darkleaf - from Eversong Woods

Map of Keltus Darkleaf & Sentinel Spy Camp

Quest #2 – Combining Forces

For Combining Forces Keltus asks you to sneak into the Night Elf camp and steal an item from the Sentinel Leader so that Whisper can get the scent to guide him to attack her.

This quest gives you a great opportunity to try out some of your unique rogue skills. Specifically, use your sap and pickpocket skills. Using a combination of these two great rogue skills you can solo this at level 10. Just do not attempt to kill anyone, especially not the Sentinel Leader.

Keltus Darkleaf & Whisper

Turn and look in the direction Keltus is looking. That is where you will find the Sentinel Spy camp and the Sentinel Leader. Swim across the water, go into stealth and sneak around the edges of the camp until you see the layout.

Sentinel Spy Camp Ghostlands

There are several small tents with Sentinel Spies at each. There are also Sentinel Spies patrolling the area.

The Sentinel Leader makes a circuit of the tents and stops to salute each Sentinel Spy.

You are going to use sap and pickpocket to get the handkerchief. Do not kill her! If you do kill her you will draw the aggro of a large number of Sentinel Spies who will cut you to ribbons.

The best way to pick her pocket is to stealth in behind her as she moves between tent areas. Sap her and pick her pocket and then stealth away.

NOTE: If you don’t see the Sentinel Leader it may be that someone has killed her. Just wait and she will respawn.

Stunned Sentinel Leader

If you are not used to using the sap skill try it out first on the Sentinel Spies who are on the edges of the encampment. Stealth up behind a single Sentinel Spy, use sap, pickpocket her while she is stunned, then stealth away.

Sap and pickpocket can be a very useful combination of rogue skills. As of now, you can only sap humanoids, but there is talk about the sap skill being expanded with WotLK to affect any creature with a brain.

When you return with the handkerchief Keltus gives you his stack of reports to take back to Zelanis in Silvermoon City. He also sends poor Whisper off to take on the Night Elves by himself. I don’t think it ends well for poor Whisper. You, however, are only one easy quest away from your new blade.

Quest #3 – Return the Reports

Return to Zelanis on Murder Row in Silvermoon City with Keltus‘ reports, and receive your XP and the Blade of Cunning, a unique one-hand dagger with +2 Agility and speed 2 that does 6.8 dps.

Congratulations! You’re done.

Horde Orc & Troll Rogues – The Level 10 Rogue Quests

The level 10 rogue quest chain for Orcs and Trolls has three quests, but Trolls sometimes have difficulty getting the first quest from the questgiver. Good news: Trolls can skip the first quest and go straight to the second.

Orcs and Trolls are the only ones who have to kill one target for loot and then pickpocket another to complete their quests.

Quest #1- Therzok

Quest one starts with Kaplak, <Rogue Trainer>, in Durotar. This is one of those simple quests where the questgiver sends you to talk to someone else. In this case Kaplak tells you to go talk to Therzok in the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar.

As indicated above, Trolls can just go directly to Therzok in Orgrimmar. (This may work for Orcs, too.)


Quest #2 – The Shattered Hand

Trolls start here. Travel to Orgrimmar and speak with Therzok in the Cleft of Shadow. (43,53) While you are in Orgrimmar set your hearthstone for the Inn (across from the bank and near the AH,) and get the fly point, too! You will be returning to Orgrimmar after you kill your target.

Therzok wants you to find and kill Tazan (a troll) and take his satchel. Tazan is south of Ratchet just north of the boat.

Tazan Map

When you get to Ratchet grab the fly point before you leave. Walk along the path towards the Inn and then continue on south past the Inn down to the Merchant Coast. Here you will enter the pirate area.

Tazan's location

There are a couple of pirate tents to the left, and you can see the ship in the background. To the right a path runs up a hill with a damaged fence along the right side of the path.

Path to Tazan

Sneak by the mobs at the bottom of the path and remove/kill the mobs at the top of the path, so that they cannot come to Tazan’s assistance. BTW, Tazan spawns about half way up the hill. Be prepared; he may very well spawn right on top of you while you are fighting a mob.

Tazan dead

Even though Tazan is a level 13 he is not that difficult for a level 10 to kill. Sinister strike, evasion, and slice and dice should do the trick. If you are concerned, take along a friend or a healing potion and you’ll be ok. Once you have killed him and looted the satchel return to Therzok.

Quest #3 – The Shattered Hand

It turns out that the satchel is locked, so Therzok sends you to get Tazan’s key from Gamon, a hapless, drunken Tauren and sometime Tazan employee who is known to hang out drinking at the Inn in Orgrimmar.

Gamon spawns in the corner of the inn (54,58), facing toward the wall – perfect for pickpocketing! His name will be in yellow.

Gamon at the Inn - Orgrimmar

The point of this exercise is to “quietly relieve him of the key” as the quest says. Do this by targeting him with the tab key or LEFT clicking him. Do not right click! Sap him, pick his pocket and go. You can try just pickpocketing, but it is easier to sap him first. Unfortunately poor Gamon gets killed all the time; if he isn’t there, just wait for him to respawn.

I understand that some people find it humorous to make a character who looks just like Gamon, name him Gamon, and park him in the corner where you expect to find the NPC Gamon. Don’t fall for this trick. Look for the yellow name; they can’t duplicate that!

After you have the key, click on the satchel to open it. You may have to try more than once to open the satchel if you are only level 10.

(NOTE: If you can’t find the key in your inventory look on your keyring. Next to your backpack is an icon with a key. Click on the key icon for your keyring. Your key should be there.)

After you open the satchel right click it to get the log book out. Then go back to Therzok and get your XP and your Blade of Cunning, a unique one-hand dagger with +2 Agility and speed 2 that does 6.8 dps.

Congratulations! You’re done.

Horde Undead Rogues – The Level 10 Rogue Quests

The Horde Undead rogue has a longer quest chain to complete than any other rogue, however, it is easier, in some ways, than the other rogue quest chains.

Most of the other versions involve using sap and pickpocket to good effect on your target to relieve them of their items. For the undead, troll and orc quests you have to kill an NPC and then loot his body.

The first quest just has you visit an NPC in the Undercity. No problems there. The second quest is the most difficult of the five as it involves killing a level 13 to get the loot you need. Quests three through five are just running about the Undercity again. So you see, even though it involves five quests, it is not a long drawn out quest chain. It also has a kind of cool back story of intrigue within the Undercity.

Quest #1 – Mennet Carkad

Marion Call

Marion Call <Rogue Trainer>, pictured above, is the questgiver for the first quest, Mennet Carkad. You will find Marion Call on the second floor of the Gallow’s End Tavern in Brill (62,52 ) the small village just north of Undercity.

Marion will send you to locate and speak with Mennet Carkad in the Rogues’ Quarter of the Undercity. (83,68) Looking at the map the Rogues’ Quarter is in the southeast, or lower right corner.

Undercity map - Rogue Level 10 Quest

To find Mennet Carkad go downstairs in the Undercity and into the Trade Quarter.
Enter the south corridor leading towards the canal and the outer rings (65,55); turn left and enter the Rogues’ Quarter.
Take the first set of steps that leads onto a bridge and cross the canal.
Turn left, go down the stairs from the bridge and then up a few steps, turn right and head towards the building with three skulls over the archway.
Mennet Carkad is outside in front of the building standing just to the left of the archway. Rogues’ Quarter (83,68)

Mennet Carkad

Quest #2 – The Deathstalkers

Mennet Carkad will give you quest 2. This starts you on four quests called The Deathstalkers. For quest 2 in the chain, the first Deathstalker quest, Mennet Carkad tells you to obtain the personal effects of messenger Astor Hadren. What this means is that you have to kill him and loot his body for a letter.

I recommend that you have at least a minor healing potion with you while you do this quest. Place it on one of your action bars so it will be handy during the fight.

As you leave Undercity turn left and travel along the road. You will run into Astor Hadren on this road. He walks a route back and forth between Undercity and Sepulcher. He does not have any designation over his head (no gold ?) other than his name, and he will not appear yellow or red to you. He just looks like an Undead guy walking along the road.

Astor Hadren

If you are having difficulty locating him you can try using a macro to target him, but it only works when you are in fairly close proximity to your target.

To make a macro type /macro and press enter. Click the make new button.

For the macro command type /target Astor

You have to approach Astor Hadren and start a conversation. Once you talk with him his name changes to red and he starts attacking you. In other words, you cannot just go up to him and start attacking him; it won’t work.

Don’t forget to use evasion and gouge, as well as good old sinister strike. Your healing potion may come in handy during this fight. Loot his body when he is dead to obtain Astor’s Letter of Introduction.

Return with Astor’s Letter of Introduction to Mennet Carkad.

Quest #3 – The Deathstalkers

Mennet will give you back Astor’s Letter of Introduction and tell you to take it to Andron Gant, whom they suspect of spying and double dealing. Andron Gant will believe that you are the original messenger he was waiting for; in other words, you are impersonating the deceased Astor Hadren.

Andron Gant is in the Apothecarium in the Undercity. Looking at the map the Apothecarium is in the southwest, or lower left corner.

Enter the southern corridor at (65,55) heading towards the canal and outer rings; turn right to enter the Apothecarium. Go down the stairs from the bridge and enter the courtyard at the end of the bridge steps Andron Gant is behind a stone desk. Apothecarium (54,75) This is in a large room where there are two huge abominations standing by the entry.

Andron Gant front view

Andron is standing at a stone desk, and there is a bookcase on the wall behind him.

Quest #4 – The Deathstalkers

Andron starts you on the fourth quest involving a ledger with information on his activities.

Andron Gant's bookcase

Walk behind Andron and right click on the bookshelf to obtain the ledger. Andron wants you to take it to whoever sent Astor Hadron, but, of course, you will take it back to Mennet Carkad.

Quest 5 – The Deathstalkers

For the fifth and final quest Mennet tells you to deliver Andron’s ledger to Lord Varimathras in the Hall of the Dark Lady in the Undercity.

Leaving Mennet, go back towards the canal, turn left and walk into the Apothcarium. Walk past the alcove with Andron Gant. A few feet ahead there will be steps on your left with two Royal Dreadguards flanking an opening. Apothecarium (52,62) Turn in here to take the corridor to the Royal Quarter. On the map the Royal Quarter is at the bottom of the map in the round room below the name Undercity. At the end of the corridor you will find Lord Varimathras on a raised stone dais. Royal Quarter (56,92) You cannot miss this awesome dude!


Give Varimathras the ledger and receive your XP and the Blade of Cunning, a unique one-hand dagger with +2 Agility and speed 2 that does 6.8 dps.

Congratulations! You’re done.

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