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Update 5/26/11: The WM product hasn’t been updated in awhile, so while it has some pretty useful stuff it has nothing for Cataclysm. The product that I’m currently using is the Tycoon gold addon. It does the farming/gathering/crafting stuff, like the other guide, but does it all in-game in the form of an addon. Wrap that around your Gnomish brain. The creators have also released an Auction House module, which looks pretty slick and will make some of us a pile of gold. If that seems like it’s for you then hit that banner to the right or see my Tycoon Gold Guide Review.

By the war, the Massive WoW Gold product mentioned in the comments is very good and is regularly updated for new Cata content. Tycoon is my toy of choice for the moment, though.

Warcraft Millionaire

Here’s the usual gold drill: Grind a few primals (or other items,) sell them off, and make upwards of a couple hundred gold an hour if you’re really good at it and there’s no competition. It’s about the same for the daily quests, plus you get the rep items. If you’re good at playing Auction House games you can double that.

Now consider for a moment what it takes to hit the gold cap: that limit being currently set at 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper, and once reached will prevent you from receiving any more cash. At 300 gold an hour that’s a measly 716 hours of pure gold making activity.

Brad, of Warcraft Millionaire, has hit that cap on four separate characters. I’d say he know his stuff and I’d say it took some time.

How was it that this guy had managed to do what is seemingly impossible when millions of other players have been at it for just as long and are nowhere close? You can see the video proof on his home page, which really drives the point home.

So how did he do it?

What has Brad done that very few, if any, have done before? What did see in the game that others had missed? His strategy must surely be superior, right?

It seems that Brad’s friends and fellow players have been asking the same question of him for some time and so, instead of constantly answering questions, he has put together a collection of resources at his website that promises to guide the casual or even hardcore player through the same process he used to reach the upper echelons of gold making.

The truth of the matter

is that it’s not some special secret, as you might think. The “secret”Β  is entirely in his understanding of how the WoW market works.Β  It’s all in the Auction House (AH.)

We all know that; we’ve been to the Auction House and we’ve seen what kind of gold it can provide, someone’s putting up all that stuff for sale, but none of us would have guessed that there was quite that much gold in it.

Want to learn how to do that, too?Β  Brad provides concise, well written advice on how to use the Auction House to make a lot of gold. I think that hitting the gold cap, four times, provides some serious credibility, don’t you?

While I won’t reach a million gold anytime soon, I definitely feel much more confident in my ability to make hundreds of gold on demand and pretty much all of it it with my low level bank alts. I’ve accumulated a nice little stash since Wrath went live:

A nice gold stash

A nice gold stash, taken on 3/18/09

Not Just the AH

Now, while the real gold is made at the auction house, and Brad emphasizes learning to use the AH, there are people who would, for whatever reason, rather do something else to earn their WoW cash. So, I’ll open up my copy of Warcraft Millionaire and note that, in addition to the Auction House domination guide, Brad includes the following:

  • All of the Daily Quests – listed, rated (1 to 5 stars,) with notes on the gold and the rep that you will earn, and linked to WoWdb.com for more info. Of course, you do need to be level 70+ to do these. All of the daily quest from Wrath of the Lich King, including the PvP quests, are also part of the list.
  • The Grinding Guide – Want to just mindlessly kill hordes of mobs and fill your bags with goodies? This is the guide for you. It includes where to find certain special items, grinding instances, various locations, and recommended addons to make you grinding easier (besides plugging a case of Mountain Dew into your brain.) Locations and infor are provided for all levels, 1-80. Brad hates the grind, I hate the grind, but if you’re Ok with it then this guide is for you.
  • A limited items listing – This is a big list of vendors who sell all sorts of limited items. General locations of the vendors are provided, but it would have been nice to see exact locations. For items found in Azeroth the list is sorted by specific item, who sells it, and how much you’ll pay. How much you can sell it for will depend on the economy of your particular server. The Outlands and Northrend listings list vendors by zone, plus the items they sell and the cost. Make a loop of these vendors, grab the items that are available as you hit them, ship them to your banker, and sell for a very nice profit.
  • 1-60,Β  60-70, and 71-80 gold guides – As you level you should keep an eye peeled for certain items and these two guides cover those items. You can make a lot of gold in the leveling process (beyond taking Herbalism and/or Mining) and these guides will show you what to look for. Naturally the best stuff requires higher level characters.
  • A special bonus, is the Warcraft Basics Guide, which covers the basics of the WoW economy, principles, gold making, questing, professions, etc. New players will find this guide to be very useful, experienced players can skim much of it, but will find some useful tips as well.

All Up to Date, Including WotLK

Since Millionaire is one of the newest gold guides it neatly cuts out one of the problems of the older guides, none of the info is out of date. You won’t find references to the level 60 cap or to items and mobs that are no longer in game or of value. It’s also updated for Wrath.

Note: There’s no mention, yet, on his homepage whether the guide will be updated for Cataclysm. I don’t think the techniques will change much, though the “places to find stuff” lists will probably change, big time. As of this writing there’s a lot of time for you to build your stash before the expansion hits.

You don’t have to have level 80 characters, either. In the video on the home page Brad notes that his level 1 bank alt does most of his trading, buying, and selling. Yes, it’s at the gold cap. You will also get an idea of what he buys and sells.

If you like to make all your gold by some form of farming, then having the high level characters certainly helps.

You won’t just be given a set of grinding locations either, though you do get those in addition to everything else. What you will get and learn is a set of techniques that will massively boost your gold stash.

Whether you are just starting or have conquered Northrend you’ll find something in here that fits what you want to do.

Just One Thing…

There is one section lacking:

While Brad includes a ton of stuff that will do wonderful things for your gold stash, he basically skips Inscription. That profession is what I used to make the bulk of the stash in the image above. Not a major oversight, though. Scan glyph prices (especially with the new dual talent builds) and use what you learn from the AH section of the guide and you’ll figure it out quickly.

You can snag your copy of Warcraft Millionaire here.

Update 8/8/2010:

I tweaked some of the info above, but my opinions haven’t changed, and I hit almost 250k on the above account (over a couple of characters. ) WM is a good guide that covers a lot of areas for making a lot more gold. I assume that the author will keep updating it, otherwise a lot of info will become dated with the Cataclysm release. It has been updated since the above review was written.

Also, keep in mind that hitting the cap is going to take some work. It’s one thing if you want to have 10-20k gold in your pouch, it’s another to have 200k+ (and it’s really nice being able to drop 10k on an item without even blinking.)

So this guide is really good for the person who wants to play the gold game, though the casual player will also make a lot more than otherwise.

Take a look at Warcraft Millionaire here.

  16 Responses to “Warcraft Millionaire Hits Gold Cap, On Four Characters!”

  1. I got this guide 2 months back, it’s updated for WOTLK with inscription and stuff. It’s a great read, changed my perception of earning gold altogether!

  2. Yeah it is up to date now…. This is my Favorite WoW gold guide i was suggest this guide to all WoW Game player
    all around good guide

  3. Hmmm i think im going to hate this gold cap thing, i Have a Rogue on Dalaran that i just dumped his skinning for Jewel crafting, right befor that i lv up a druid herbalist and scribe, i dont make all that much loot at my other rogues skill which is leather working, inorder to fund my jc i started farming on my druid, in less than 4 weeks ive managed to farm about 45k i could have stoped but the money was so easy and i decided to keep going becaue going to spend alot of loot during the new expantion, im not going to say exactly what im doing, because blizz seems to change every thing good in the game wiht in a few months but i have ran into another druid on my server who does the exact same thing, the farming is so crazy and the money is so easy, i dont spend all day doing this either u can only do this for about 15 min every hour further more i raid alot and do alot of grps on my main so i dont farm then either just when im not doing any thing or waiting for a raid to start. Dalaran is my server and my main is Animalpants.

  4. An absolute Killer gold guide, I’ve been making gold on demand since i got itπŸ™‚

  5. It seems that Brad’s friends and fellow players have been asking the same question of him for some time and so, instead of constantly answering questions, he has put together a collection of resources at his website that promises to guide the casual or even hardcore player through the same process he used to reach the upper echelons of gaming.

  6. Warcraft Millionaire was the first gold guide I ever bought (though not the last), and I am still very impressed with its quality. I mean, the fact that Brad was the first to reach the gold cap says enough on its own, but there’s just a lot of really interesting techniques that I don’t think I’d ever have found on my own.

    Good review, and I agree about the bit on Inscription–it’s pretty hard to profit from, though, so I guess I can understand a little why. It’s hard to sell glyphs when they get saturated so easily, but I still make a good bit with snowfall ink so it’s not THAT bad.

  7. This guide is shit. Wouldnt surprise me if all these comments are made the author of the guide. It teaches you basicly nothing, if you know what an auction house is, you know everything written in this guide. it also says guaranteed moneyback if you’re not happy, now i’ve sent several mails asking for a refund, also listing 3 things that dont work as he requires. No respons 1 month later, though he doesnt mind spamming me every other day with a new “superguide”. i hope for the love of god that if you read this, you dont buy this piece of shit guide. i bought a Auction house domination guide, which actually works. It gives specific details on how to setup add-ons exactly as they should. Gives specific on what items to start out on and so forth. Now this post will probably be deleted by the author him self, but whatever you do, do not buy this guide.

  8. Why do people assume that just because a person likes something that person has to be either the company or a shill for the company? Just some points…

    I’m not sure the above commenter actually read the guide, since there’s a lot to it that isn’t Auction House. I haven’t seen “Auction House Domination,” but I’ve seen a few other guides and WM beats most of them, hands down. Opinions may reasonably differ, though.

    If you’re on WM’s, or anyone’s, email list that you opted in to (and this guy did opt in) all you do is scroll to the end of the email and hit the unsubscribe link. I just now opted into that letter and the link is there. So hit the unsubscribe link, dude. By the way, Brad sends better tips and a lot less email than some others.

    WM is a Clickbank product, which means that CB does all the money handling/transactions. If the commenter had actually looked at his Clickbank reciept, and most people don’t, he would know that all he has to do is go to Clickbank and request a refund. Clickbank does respond to their emails, but it might take a day or two. Clickbank then assumes that you will delete the product from your hard drive.

  9. I might’ve been alittle full of rage when I wrote what I wrote. Not able to get in touch with people who makes promises do that to people. I still think this guide is..less good than others. Its no specifics in it, ie. “Over time you will learn what items sell”. How is that helpfull to someone completely new to the gold making game? I just think that theres alot of better guides out there, and unless you just wanna randomly spend money you shouldnt buy this. Also, the reason why I figured all the comments might have been the authors, is because of if you google warcraft millionair, you’ll see a million reviews with very strange web adresses. Theres no comments on them, and they all mostly say the same.
    I appreciate the above posters tip about Clickbank, and I thank you. And I know about the subscription, I just figured he’s the one clicking send on the mails(unless its all fully automated) so atleast he wasent dead and should respond to my many mails.

  10. A little full of rage? Heh. I didn’t actually expect you to reply to my comment. Thanks for coming back.

    Actually… the emails you’re getting are automated. The service is Aweber.com (I have an account) and, among other things, it allows you to enter a whole series of email to be sent out over time. So if you wanted to make a “Best 495 Gold Tips” newsletter, to be sent out over the next 495 days (or weeks or every three days,) you could. Macros fill in your name, “Hey there Shit, Here’s you next tip…” and the date and some other fields.

    You can also send broadcasts, so if Guide Seller A comes out with something that he’s pushing then Brad could send a “right now” email to his list, pushing that product. As could I, if I had a list here. πŸ™‚

    “Over time you will learn what items sell” is actually good advice. I have bank alts on four servers and they are all different. Wool cloth, for example, typically goes for 15s a pop on one and 1.3g a pop on another (now if I could get a cross server shipment going…) I kept notes about what sold and what didn’t when I was going for the cap on one of those alts.

    I happen to actually like WM, and think it’s worth the money. It is more helpful to someone with high level characters than a newbie, though, as would be any guide that covers the best places to farm and get stuff. You’re right about some guides being less than others and I’ve bought a few products and guides through Clickbank (most not being WoW related) that I would not recommend.

    My favorite, “Massive WoW Gold Blueprint” is actually more expensive than Warcraft Millionaire, but since everything in that product can be done with level 1 alts, I’d have to say it’s a lot more newb friendly. It’s also updated more frequently than a lot of others. However, if you don’t like doing all your gold making work right in the auction house, and some don’t, then it’s not the guide for you.

    And as for all the “reviews” out there, heh… yeah… there are a lot of them. Hmmm… maybe I should update my page.

  11. Hey again. Im definetly not a newbie to this game, been playing it for years, but never been able to rake up more gold than exactly what I needed at the time, and sometimes even had to go do dailies to get a gem for instance. Im just saying a paid guide, in my opinion, shouldnt say “Over time you will know what sells”. I dont need a guide to tell me that. What I was looking for in this _guide_ was specifics and updates. For instance, a few months ago I would’ve liked to know that Primordial saronite was going hot, but I’d also like to know that they arent as hot these days.Thats just one example obviously, but couldnt find that in this guide.

    As for the MWGB guide, I was just looking at it. It looks really good, with the videos and all. But after having bought about 3 guides, all with the same page layout, and words to “lure” you in, Im feeling they’re not all that different overall.

  12. Yeah, I know what you mean about buying guides. I’ve bought enough that I frequently don’t read the sales letter, except maybe for certain points, and go by recommendations of people I trust. Sometimes that doesn’t work, either. πŸ™‚ What works for me might not work for you, and visa versa. CB does offer that “no questions asked” guarantee, though, and the sellers get no say in the refund. (We have two books on CB, by the way.) As for the sales letters, there are certain techniques which work well so that’s why many tend to look alike.

    When I was heavily into selling glyphs (the market has cooled, since) that comment β€œOver time you will know what sells” would be the best overall advice I could give, unless you were on the same server. Certain glyphs sell well everywhere (Raise Dead, for example) but many others are hit and miss. Timing helps too. That Saronite you mentioned, for one. For another, I made 20k in 2 days with glyphs when the dual talent thing went live. Good thing I had a big stock, but that was more luck than anything. If you can figure out what will be in demand for certain events then you stock up when it’s cheap and… Like Small Eggs for certain holiday fests.

    If I was starting a new bank alt, I’d do two things. 1) run Auctioneer’s scan at least once a day for a week, and 2) use what I ‘ve learned to look for trade goods that seem underpriced. Then I’d buy what I could and resell and go from there. Well, three things… I’d probably level an alt to 10 or so and scoop up some skins and copper ore to generate cash flow. My banker would be a dedicated alt and I’d probably spend an hour a day in the AH.

    Then I’d study the market in certain areas (specific items,) learn what “market price” really is, and go from there.

    By the way, two BIG diffs between WM and MWG Blueprint is that the latter is all videos and is all in the AH. All the others that I’ve seen (haven’t seen them all) are PDFs. MWGBP has No grinding, no farming, no dallies, no special quests, etc. And it can all be done with very low level toons. He also has regular speed runs. His last email sounded like the totals generated from those speed runs were WAY above his 1000g in 30 days (for new server) benchmark. By the way, he doesn’t respond to my emails, either. πŸ™‚ (But other vendors do, you know? Some have help desks and some respond directly. )

    Once thing he has done in the past is send emails with notices of upcoming events and what to do with them, which sounds like what you’re looking for? Subscribe to his list (it’s free) and see if you like his stuff. If not, unsubscribe. I think the types of updates you mentioned are best as emails, or blog posts, in a member’s only area. That’d be the easiest way to go.

    But… playing the AH isn’t right for some. Not having a PDF right there doesn’t work for some. So my suggestion is that if you don’t like WM then send that note to CB (and if you bought it through my link then I’ll lose my cut, sob. πŸ™‚ ) Same with MWGBP or any other CB product. Then you delete it from your system. I think CB also includes a place where you can tell them what you didn’t like about the guide.

    Ok, that was a little long winded. πŸ™‚

    Oh, one more… you had mentioned that you thought some of the comments were by shills. One way to tell is by what they link to in the comment. If there’s no link then It’s probably real.

  13. I gotta admit Im starting to like you. The pure adultness you’re displaying to my sometimes, childish attitude full of rage, is amazing. Just had to say that πŸ˜‰

    Im gonna take the opportunity to ask you, since you seem to know what you talk about. For a pure ah guide, (im not the one for dailies or farming) would you say MWGBP is the best guide out there?

    I’ve also already made a ticket @ Clickbank and hopefully will be getting my refund.

    Thanks man.

  14. Childish? Heh. I read political blogs. You’re cool. And thanks. πŸ˜‰

    Disclaimer: MWGbp is more expensive than the others and if you buy through my link I get a cut. (Same with WM.) Also, I haven’t seen all the gold guides out there. Of the ones I’ve seen, yeah, MWGbp is the best and it is a pure AH guide. Now, when you hit his page click the “members” link (at the bottom.) You’ll see the blog and get some idea of how the speed runs work. The winners have some pretty high numbers and that seems like a good testimonial to me.

    Now here’s an example of what you get: The product contains a number of “chapters” and each chapter contains several videos. The one on “Pipelines” has eight videos and they run from 11 to 31 minutes, a bit over two hours total. You can read the entirety of most of the other guides in two hours. Heck, he has over three hours of video just on auctioneer and related tools.

    And if you buy it and you don’t like it? Now you know what to do. πŸ™‚

    My affiliate link if you want to check it out: https://temp-azerothcookbook.siterubix.com/massgbp.html
    Direct link: http://www.massivewowgold.com/

  15. I personally have over 400k, and have never purchased a guide. And, after reading the review and comments here, I’m more confident than ever that there are no secrets, just common sense market strategies combined with utilizing your professions.

    Over half of the comments on this site are just copy/pastes of review snippets, which is probably just copy/pastes of book snippets, which, for all we know is just copy/pastes of the WoW user guide.

    I recommend that nobody buys this book, or any other wow guide. Use common sense, track the markets, buy low, sell high. Watch for low-price bids on auctions ending soon. Farm herbs and ore. Have fun.

  16. Well, aside from the nonsense about the comments, Jacob’s got a point. The guides, however, will save you a whole lot of time in figuring this stuff out. It’s like leveling. Sure you can poke around, explore everything, and get leveled to 80 eventually. Some people want to go a bit faster than that, so they look into the guides. Or like raiding. You and your guild can start the raiding sequence and you’ll eventually figure it all out. It’s all pretty much common sense. It’d be nice to have someone telling you what to do, though. You’d save a lot of time, and that’s the point.

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