On Blogging and Trackbacks

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Nov 182008

People who read more than a couple of posts on this blog may have noticed that I frequently quote and link to other blogs for various topics, sometimes I’ll have several of those in one post.

The main reason is that there are a lot of people who know more than I do about World of Warcraft, and the other reason is for the trackbacks.

A trackback is just an acknowledgment on blog A that Blog B has linked to a particular post. They’re easy to make and they’re pretty much automatic for the more recent blogging platforms.

Pretty much everything I know about trackbacks (and linking) came from linking expert Jack Humphrey. He’s put together an easy to understand video, which explains all of the How and Why of trackbacks.

Check it out: How to do a trackback to get more links and traffic

Facebook Reports Open Sores

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Sep 012008

Hey you, Social Media User! Are you properly protected?

San Diego’s Gary Gallywhagger, father of four, reports open sores after promiscuous poking on Facebook.

“I’m a good father, make an honest living as an online marketer, and then this happens,” says Gallywhagger. “I was just poking around for fun. I seem to have the worst luck.”

Gallywhagger claims his friends pressured him into adding application after application and poking him and poking him. “I tried to say no but they kept pressuring me.”

A recent study released by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention,) the nation’s leading authority for credible health information, cited one out of six men over the age 40 are at risk for…

Read the whole thing, your life could depend on it!

Facebook Reports Open Sores

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Aug 212008

As some of you know this is a fairly new WoW blog, so I don’t know about all the other WoW blogs our there. I’m starting to look around more though, really!

So here are a few I just bumped into via a post on the Twisted Nether Blogcast: Writing an Article Series. I am also linking to the actual article series posted on these sites, where appropriate.

They’re all fun blogs, so check them out even if you don’t have the appropriate class.

4 HaelzWhy Join Before the Expansion? The Time is Now is a five-part series on joining a raiding guild before the expansion. 4 Haelz is a blog about Druids in general and the resto tree in specific.

World of Matticus Assigning Healing Strategy – Part 1: Recognizing Class Strengths. Lots of raid and priest stuff here, but also a lot of other good stuff.

Hoof and Healz – If you’re a resto shammy and you raid you’ll want to check this one out. Raid Guides

Aspect of the Hare – A cool blog for Hunters. Their tag line says it all: Because it’s not just a class, it’s an obsession. So if you have a Hunter, check it out. So You Want to Play a Hunter

Too Many Annas– Blogging about Life, Resto Shammies, Raids, Warcraft and other Musings. A fun read. Be a Shamanistic Genius (while you level)!

Ok, now I’m going to kill something in AV. Maybe a big sheep thing…