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There was a comment, on the Raiding Rogues post, on the question of hit rating. I use ElitistJerks.com and ArenaJunkies.com for a lot of my info. I’ve also been using the Recount addon, which gives some interesting numbers for hits, misses, and so on.

Here’s the comment:

Hi, Just looking for sum answers to questions i have been asking myself but as yet have not found any answers. I am level 80 comat rogue with a hit of 294(need 315 apparently)but have not worn my Gloves of fast reactions, titainium chocker and titainium impact band because the blue items have all hit on them and changing them moves me away from the hit cap? Any suggestions? I guess what am asking is is it worth upgrading to items with better Agility and AP but loosing a lot of Hit?

So based on recount numbers… If you’re combat or using the above build, or something like it, then you should have the precision talent. With a PvP version I’m working with about 130 hit and, according to recount numbers, I’m not missing on any strikes fighting in the BGs or against level 80 mobs. Fighting raid bosses, and the raid boss target dummy in Org, with a 200 hit rating, the miss rate was around 15%.

How much Hit you need depends on what you’re fighting. Generally mobs require less Hit rating than players/elites which require less than raid bosses.

How much hit is needed? Here’s my qick and dirty answer, since you already have precision from the combat tree:

  • When fighitng mobs, you’re good. Upgrade your gear.
  • Same answer for PvP, though high end arenas might be different. PvP hit caps are a bit lower than for Raid Bosses.
  • Raiding is more complicated and I’m not a raider. Not yet, anyway. Part of it depends on the raid buffs you have and the debuffs on the boss.

There’s a concept called Agility Equivalence Points (AEP) which tries to measure the value of various stats. These numbers will change depending on exactly what you’re fighting. For example, a PvP calculation involves stamina and resilience, while raiding doesn’t.

So a general AEP table, for raiding, looks like this (taken from ElitistJerks info🙂

  • Expertise rating: 2.6
  • Hit rating: 2.4
  • Agility: 2.2
  • Haste: 2.1
  • Crit rating: 1.7
  • Strength: 1.1
  • Attack Power: 1

Multiply the stat for your gear by the numbers above. For example…

  1. Gloves of Fast Reactions : 66Ag, 64 Stm, 38 Crit, 49 haste, 110 AP
  2. Dropping Stam, we have: (66 x 2.2) + (38 x 1.7) + (49 x 2.1) +  (110 x 1) = 424.27
  3. Now do the same for your blue gear. The highest number gives the best DPS for raiding.

The point is that your better gear will provide enough extra DPS to more than make up for the lack of hit, so go for the upgrade.

For PvP Stamina and the Resilience stat are important, though I’ll go out on a limb and say that the importanceof Res is situational. Rogues die very quickly in PvP and Res doesn’t slow that down much.


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  1. Hah, I would have never used Exp Rating if I haven’t read Elitist, it was just never my thing.

    Hit Rating – Crit Chance – AP, are all my primary concern when dealing raid damage, if I have all those topped off as hard as possible then I can not even begin to question my DPS.

    Great post Greg!

    Visin´s last blog post..WoW 3.1 Live

  2. another great post man keep it up
    thanks man

  3. i just hit 80 on my rogue and its been a while sinced i played one. bookmarked this one coz i really helped me out! great job!

  4. ive just started to look into this hit rating i see alot of sites saying 350 hit should be more than enough for raiding i checked mine out and it nearly 700 is this to high if so how can i lower it without changing my gear does tis effect my dps for the worse? any help would be much apprieciated thanks

  5. The answer is: it depends. How’s that for definite? According to ElitistJerks.com you want to be stacking AP and Haste. How much Hit youi needs depends on gear, the situation, what else is capped, and so on. Here’s their guide to the numbers for patch 3.3+, you’ll also find a spreadsheet there which you can use to crunch up various builds, talents, gear, etc.

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