Dec 102008

Tobald’s MMO Blog has an interesting post on Distributing Naxx loot, with his usual 8,497 comments.

….sooner or later the raiders will find themselves confronted with the question of how to distribute the epic drops. Of course established raiding guilds have systems to do that, but they might find some new complications: Wrath of the Lich King blurred class roles and stats to some extent….

Tobald’s suggests that Guild Drama will only get more interesting.

So just to be clear, I don’t raid. I’ve never been on a raid. Closest I got to a raid was one of those World Dragons where people spent 20 minutes arguing about what level he was. Zzzzzz…

Pretty much the only times I’ve been in any of the instances has been when I was soloing it for the loots. I did make it into Steamvaults, once. Non-heroic.

And yeah, I know what DKP is: Darning, Knitting, and Purling. (Ok, ok… Dragon Kill Points, right?)

With the launch of Wrath and various stats being merged and mashed together and more classes being able to use any one particular piece of gear, how are you raiders deciding who gets what?

DKPs? Seniority? Merit? Contribution? Bribery? Execution of people higher on the list? Nepotism? Girlfriends get first (and 2nd) choice? Free for all loot?

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