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I got the idea for this from a gold blog, MakeWoWgold – Myth #5 – Low levels can’t make gold – and thought I’d add my 2 cents worth. Especially since I make 95+% of my gold with low levels.

Low levels characters can make a lot of gold and some will even argue that they should make pretty much ALL of your gold. The tips below are covered in vastly greater detail in the Massive Gold Blueprint, but what I’m putting down here will get you started.

What they’re not doing, of course, is grinding motes on the Elemental Plateau or hunting up adamantine ore or Fel Lotus in the Outlands. Heck, even newbs can do this stuff and make gold.

The method is to buy low and sell higher and this can be done with your level 1s. You’ll need some seed money which you can get from your high level or by grinding ore for a bit. Then you look for the deals.

Find vendors selling limited items. These are the items that are only available in small quantities from any given vendor, generally 1 to 3 at a time. Once bought they’re gone until the vendor gets new stock (a few minutes to a few hours.)

All of the big cities have these vendors and many of the small towns do, as well. The two item vendors at the DarkMoon Faire have quite a variety of limited items, which is why you’ll see people camping them.

Many, not all, of these items will sell for more, sometimes a lot more, on the Auction house than what you pay for them. For example, you can buy Fel Lotus (every once in awhile) from the Faire for 4 gold a piece, then sell it for 15-30 gold, depending on all the usual factors.

Clothing items also sell. The White Wedding Dress, in Stormwind, sells to you for about 1 gold and sells on the AH for 8-12.

When you find items make a note of their prices and check the Auction House prices. Make it a habit to do that and you will start finding items that are very much worth your while to buy and resell. The items prices will vary wildly from server to server, so you should really make youir own list. The Auctioneer addon is a big help here, but even if you don’t have it or want it you can still do this stuff.

Certain basic items needed by crafters also sell nicely. Some crafters look to powerlevel their skill and just buy everything off the AH. They’re not interested in deals or best prices, they just gather it all up and gain 200 points to their skill in a couple of hours. So on some servers you can buy the Copper Rod, needed by Enchanters, for pennies and resell it for several gold.

Park a level 1 alt in each of the majors cities, send them some gold to get started (when you have enough) and then you won’t have to spend time flying all over the place. With these alts in place you can log into Alt #1, buy stuff, and then send it to your banker. Repeat with Alt #2 and Alt #3.

Every now and then you will see a killer deal on the Auction House. Buy it and resell it. This is one of the methods used by some to make lots of gold.They just by a lot of stuff at a time and resell it.

One of the nice things about this is that you don’t have to use your high levels for grinding/farming. Use the low levels to get the gold, use your higher levels for the fun stuff.

Now go make a stash.

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  1. Hmmm.. i never thought about having multiple low level guys in the main cities for banking/buying purposes. That’s a great idea! Booyah!

  2. I have always seen these items, never really stood still by it 😉

    I will now, epic flying mount here I come.

    By the way, awesome blog, I’ll be happy to read more posts and I will 😀

  3. Hey, thanks. 🙂

    I’ve posted some other gold tips in the gold category and will add more from time to time.

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