Zygor’s Guide Levels Up

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Mar 202011

As we all know, leveling guides can be a great way to power level your characters to 85 in a matter of days…as long as you start from level 1 and play solo. Anyone who has tried using a leveling guide with Pre-Leveled characters, Heirloom items, Recruit-A-Friend, or Dungeons/PVP, knows they don’t work as well in those situations. Some adjustment and catching up is needed.

Gain a few levels while questing, hop into the dungeons for a couple more, quest for a few more, jump into some PvP and gain a couple more levels, go back to questing… Even the in-game quest finder can’t handle that. Sure, it’ll show you where the quests are and you’ll see some gray quests in your log, but what’s not quite so clear is where to go and what to do, next.

That’s now changed. Zygor Guides has geared and gemmed up and now has a far higher Int than before.

It’s always been able to show you the best path to get leveled fast, but now it can do it efficiently even with you taking time out to dungeon or PvP level. Come out of the dungeons a few levels higher and Zygor’s will take note of your new level and figure out where you need to go.

It doesn’t matter if you start using the guide late in the game, or with the increased experience gained from Heirloom items or RAF, or even rest XP, Zygor’s guide can intelligently sync with your character instantly. You can even do dungeons or pvp and jump right back into the guide like you never stopped using it at all.

It really caters to your specific playing style.

We’ve been using the guides for a long time now (an 85 Rogue being the most recently leveled toon) and have seen a lot of upgrades and it just keeps getting better and better. (See our Zygor Guides review.) WoW’s in-game system is Ok, but it isn’t close to Zygor’s guides.

Check it out and grab your copy here.

Feb 202010

I guess Zygor and Dugi have a bit of a situation going. I only found out about it today, and no, I haven’t been paying attention. I’ll just make a couple of points and throw up a link and that’ll be about it. For now, anyway.

As an aside: I’ve been using Zygor’s guide for awhile and I like it. It’s updated contantly, especially when new patches are launched. IMO it’s pretty good stuff and you can see more remarks on my Zygor Review page.

I haven’t looked at Dugi’s leveling guide at all, so I can’t remark as to how it stands up to Zygors.

There was some back and forth between the two guide groups and Zygor has a response on his public forum here.

Druid Guides and Zygor’s Guide

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Jun 122008

We’ve put up a couple more Druid guides and a Review of the killer Zygor Leveling Guide. Here ae the links. You can also see them to the right.

Zygor’s Leveling Guide, the Short Review

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Jun 032008

I’ll post a longer one, presently. (edit 6/12: The longer guide review is here.)

Zygor’s Leveling Guide is one of the newest of the leveling guides and I think it kicks the iDemise guide in the butt. Both of these are in-game guides, but while the iDemise guide is attached to your main map (and it ain’t at all bad) the Zygor guide is present on your main screen at all times.

It’s an addon, so installation is simple. You dump it into your addons folder and it’ll load automatically. If your character is new just start from step 1, otherwise scroll through the guide till you find the right place for your level and go from there.

I ran an Undead Warrior up to 12 and a Blood Elf Paladin up to 16 using the guide and had no issues and never had to consult the quest log.

Here’s a screenshot of the minimalized guide

  • Note the waypoint arrow at the top of the screen. It also lists the current quest, special things to look out for, and the distance to go to reach the objective.
  • Note the bright dot on the mini-map, marking the goal. There’s also one on the big map.
  • The quest box appears on the main screen at all times, but you can get rid of it by clicking the X at the top right corner. Bring it back by hitting the ZY button on your mini-map (in the 8:00 position in this screenshot)
  • Level and quest objectives are also tracked.

Here’s another screenshot showing the full guide.

  • Note the dot on the mini-map and the waypoint at the top of the screen.
  • Also note the expanded guide showing the quest list. Quests that have been finished are greyed out, while the current quest is highlighted.
  • Sometimes the guide will not update the current quest. If that happens just click the next one and it’ll pick with up from there.
  • The guide also keeps track of your level and your exect stop in the guide. If you log out (you do log out sometimes, don’t you?) the guide will remember your position and start up from that point when you come back. Try that with a PDF or the iDemise guide.

Class quests are not included. You’ll have to grab those on your own, they’re not part of the guide. But then again, Joana’s Guide only had the Hunter quests and the iDemise guide has none, either.

Where to go next is also detailed. New to a zone and not sure where to go to get to the next one? Zygor’s will show you the way.

Notes: I didn’t have to look at the quest logs at all. No trips to Thottbot or any of the other WoW sites and I hardly looked at the big map, except to keep an eye on my location.

How much time do you think you’ll save on your blast to 70 by not having to consult your quest logs, thottbot, the main map, or having to set your own waypoints?

The perfect guide? Well, for that it would have to include the class quests. It would also have to remind you to grab flypoints, repair your gear, go to the bathroom, get something to eat …

So check it out here