Feb 202010

I guess Zygor and Dugi have a bit of a situation going. I only found out about it today, and no, I haven’t been paying attention. I’ll just make a couple of points and throw up a link and that’ll be about it. For now, anyway.

As an aside: I’ve been using Zygor’s guide for awhile and I like it. It’s updated contantly, especially when new patches are launched. IMO it’s pretty good stuff and you can see more remarks on my Zygor Review page.

I haven’t looked at Dugi’s leveling guide at all, so I can’t remark as to how it stands up to Zygors.

There was some back and forth between the two guide groups and Zygor has a response on his public forum here.

  8 Responses to “Zygor and Dugi Going Back and Forth?”

  1. I like Dugi’s guide best ( a large part because I’m Australian , & he’s just across the water ). But the main thing I’d like to say is that there are plenty of customers for both guides, and no shortage of people buying WoW guides. Any dispute is a waste of time that could be spent on more constructive things !

  2. Both, Zygor’s guide and Dugi’s guide are great. But, I love Zygor’s WOW Guide mote because I feel that the instructions are more detailed. Zygor’s guide makes playing more fun for me.

  3. I’m a Dugi fan until the end. It’s too much value for money not to consider using his guides.

  4. both guide are good. however they both lied abt everything can be SOLOED, while they still have parts in their guides that required ppl to help u to complete.

  5. I haven’t used Dugi’s, but everything I’ve seen in Zygor’s can be soloed, and I’ve seen a lot of the guide on both sides. The iDemise product uses instances and elites, so you will need teams to use that one. I used Joana’s guide to level a Rogue to 70, back when that guide was a PDF, and he has you going after elites.

    Do a little extra grinding on every quest and make sure you’re always using rest XP. By the time you hit the harder spots you’ll be a level or three ahead of the guide and it will be that much easier. That technique should work with anyone’s guide. Being that far ahead also gives you the option to skip quests that you don’t want to do.

  6. I respect all the top 3 wow leveling guides, Team Idemise, Zygor’s and Dugi’s wow guides.

    Team iDemise and Zygor’s are pretty much the same, leveling very fast but you tend to miss out on some important gold fetching opportunities.

    Dugi’s is a bit faster in my experience, and very easy to follow for very newbie players, in a way it teaches newbie players a few things.

    But I would recommend all three…depending on your skills etc..

    Would be good if they incorporate a bit of game education in the guides for new players wanting to learn quick from the game….

  7. Hey,

    Dugi’s is on my “to do” list, especially the dungeon guide. iDemise has some points I like, but it really didn’t work well for me when I tried it. Freezing the game for a few seconds after every kill was annoying, but that might have been due to a weak machine or some other conflict.

    I like Zygor’s, a lot, and the new in-game guides (all three) are far beyond the original PDFs that everyone used. I leveled to 70 with Joana’s PDF guide and things have come a long way since then.

    Your “game education” is an interesting idea. Send that one to the guide authors, with some additional details, and maybe we’ll see something like that. Zygor’s “talent advisor” widget is certainly a step in that direction.

  8. For a lot of people this is a touchy subject. “Zygor Guide or Dugis Guide”, this question is a mantra around WoW players. I’ve researched both of them and a lot more. Conclusion – both of them presents similiar style, quest selection is suprisingly good, arrows on the screen, quest grouping, its all good. I guess it’s rather a matter of likes and dislikes, which one is better for certain people. That’s is my opinion.

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