Zygor’s Leveling Guide: 5.4 Patch Sale!

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Sep 102013

What is it? Zygor Guide 5.4 is an n in-game level guide which will blast you through the quests ASAP, regardless of your experience or gear. You’ll never wonder where to go or what to do and you’ll hit 90 very quickly.

Why now?  It’s their 50% off sale in honor of their patch 5.4 updates, but it only lasts for a few days.

Where is it? Go here, now. And there really is a timer on their website. When it hits zero the sale is over.

The longer version: Zygor guide 5.4 is an in-game addon that will take your through the quests, for any race or class, as quickly as possible, and it’s fully updated for patch 5.4. You’ll take the most efficient route and skip everything that you don’t need (unless you want Loremaster, then it will help you do all those quests.) It’s also smart enough to know your level and your location. If you’re leveling quickly (eg: lots of rest XP,) or you level up a few levels in the dungeons or PvP, Zygor will “see” your new level and tell you the best place to go next. It even gives you a way to dump the old quests.

You’ll never find yourself cruising around in an area that’s too low or too high for you. It even has a difficulty setting in the options, so if you want things a bit tougher or less tough, just click a button.

Whether you’re brand new to WoW or decked head to toe in heirlooms and the best gear Zygor will blast you through the levels ASAP. It can auto accept quests and turn-ins, help with gear, help with talents, and so on. You’ll never wonder where to go or what to do.

And it’s 50% off for the next few days. Grab it now.

Before and after leveling:

Paladin leveling 1 to 90, easier now with the Zygor Guide 5.4 sale.


Gotta bunch of alts that need leveling? Or even a new main? Zygor guide 5.4 is the best way to do it and it’s gonna be awhile before the next sale. And there is a deadline, so get yours here.

Feb 202010

I guess Zygor and Dugi have a bit of a situation going. I only found out about it today, and no, I haven’t been paying attention. I’ll just make a couple of points and throw up a link and that’ll be about it. For now, anyway.

As an aside: I’ve been using Zygor’s guide for awhile and I like it. It’s updated contantly, especially when new patches are launched. IMO it’s pretty good stuff and you can see more remarks on my Zygor Review page.

I haven’t looked at Dugi’s leveling guide at all, so I can’t remark as to how it stands up to Zygors.

There was some back and forth between the two guide groups and Zygor has a response on his public forum here.