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Ok, this issue came up due to a comment I received (see below.) Here I assumed that the Guide Seller Nyhm was who I thought he claimed to be: the Video Maker Nyhm. So if it’s not the case then there’s the Nyhm who sells a set of WoW guides and there’s the Nyhm who has put together a set of cool videos, some of which I’ve posted on this blog.

I’ve sent emails to both, asking “What’s up with this?” and I’ll try again later if I don’t get a response. I’ll update this post with any replies I get. Feel free to add your comments, as well.

Nyhm of the Vids sent this comment, to this post, this morning:

B***S***!!  This is not me, i never did an interview with anyone, this is some fool still trying to sell his garbage. Im getting damn sick of this shit and im going to have to make a video putting this site and any gold selling site out of buisness once and for all.

Im done with this b***s***!

By the way, I saved the email interview. So it looks like there are the two Nyhms (and I’ve been told that this might be the case.)

Until then I’ll go through all my Nyhm posts and delete the guide references that looks like they confuse the two Nyhms and make sure that Nyhm of the Vids gets appropriate credits.

By the way…

  1. Nyhm of the Vids page is here
  2. Nyhm of the Guide’s page is here (and it isn’t working as I write this. edit: it works now. )

Anyone care to add anything to this?

Update: Nyhm of the Videos sent an email stating that he is not the same guy as Nyhm of the guides. So I have deleted all of the guide links, since those links were on pages with videos by Nyhm of the Videos. My bad.

Update 2: Nyhm of the Guides sent an email the stated that they are different Nyhm’s, but that they have very similar characters. WoWarmory lists nearly 100 Nyhm’s as I write this, so there seem to be a few that can lay claim to the name.

updated: edited 12/31 for grammer, etc.

By the way #1: Nyhm of the Videos has graciously agreed to an interview and I’m coming up with questions to ask, which hopefully won’t be too brain-dead. Any suggestions?

12/31: No questions have come up so you’ll have to live with mine. Ha.

By the way #2: Nyhm is not to be confused with MGM’s NIMH.

Ok, now I’m going to go play WoW for a few…

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  3 Responses to “Nyhm of the Vids and Nyhm of the Guide”

  1. Nice to have this finally confirmed. I had always assumed who ever wrote nyhm’s guides was probably different..figured he was trying to ride the name to glory.

    I find the real Nyhm’s response very amusing though. With all due respect to Nyhm (the video one), his video reach on youtube has a very different audience than the people who are running into Nyhm’s guides. He can be angry all he wants, but it won’t change anything.

    Zuggy´s last blog post..Archavon the Stonewatcher – Wintergrasp 10-man Boss Strategy Guide

  2. Wow, that is crazy AzC. Not to steal on your investigation but this sparked a little ambition on my own to find fakers like this, and this kind of inspires of a set of posts I will be making shortly (by the way im out for a week for Xmas) which I hope to be written well.

    But I love the creativity in this post and hope to chat with ya when I get home man,


    Visin´s last blog post..Using World of Warcraft with Ubiquity

  3. Well, I don’t know about the fakers part and, as Zuggy ponts out, they are in pretty different areas. But now, I will no longer get them mixed up and maybe that’ll be true for others, as well.

    By the way, have a good trip!

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