Aug 172008

A couple posts back I put up a Nyhm video, Got an Epic, and also mentioned Nyhm’s guides.

edit: The Nyhm who created the videos in the other posts states that he’s not the same Nyhm who created the Nyhm’s WoW guides, so I have removed the guide links.

If you need a 1-80 leveling guide then check out Zygor’s Guide.

  One Response to “A New Leveling Record?”

  1. Great Video! I really enjoyed it.
    I added you on Facebook so we can keep in contact about blogging and likewise, and the very last installment of the Rogue Twink Guide will be done today as Hman said he was about done with it, so keep checking

    Love the site so far and cant wait to talk blog with you,

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