Sep 102008

Nyhm is a character best know for making a series of well loved videos on YouTube. Most of these videos have hundreds, or thousands, of 5 star ratings from his fans, so check them out sometime. I’ve posted a few of Nyhm’s videos here, but just search his name on YouTube and you’ll find the others.

I managed to catch Nyhm in-between battles against the evil Gnome hordes and asked him a few questions, but note the edits, below:

edit: As you’ll see in the comments there is some, ahem, question, as to whether this fellow is actually the some one as the one who did the videos. I’ve also removed the links to the guides until I get this sorted out.

edit 2: I updated the discussion in a later post, but I should have linked to that post here. Here’s the post that clarifies everything and, yes, I should have linked to it sooner. And yes, I did step in it. My bad.

The commenters below are correct, there are two Nyhms. One does the videos (and it’s his video below) and the other Nyhm writes the guides. Their only connection is the same name and that they both play Warlocks. So as I mentioned in the other post, from here on out I’ll refer to them as Nyhm of the Videos and Nyhm of the Guides whenever I mention either of them.

The interview is from Nyhm of the Guides:

How long have you been playing WoW?

(Since) November of 2004

What kind of raiding and PvPing do you do?

I don’t do much raiding anymore, but I pvp all the time on alts, friends’ characters, and my arena team.

What keeps you playing after all this time?

PvP just never seems to get boring, and I have a lot of friends that play.

Is Nyhm your main character? Or mostly just the face for your productions? (And I did find him on the WoWarmory.)

Nyhm is my main but I don’t play on him anymore

What got you into making videos?

Nothing really, I just decided one day that I wanted to make WoW Videos.

Who’s on your production team? Or do they prefer to remain in the shadows?

My friends help me out a lot.

What equipment and software do you use to make the videos? (He makes videos related to his guides.)

Fraps and Sony Vegas

What’s the first character you’ll be working on when Wrath of the Lich King is officially released?

Deathknight, of course

Are your guides written from your own efforts and experiences or do you have a team behind them?

They are mostly written by me but I have a lot of help from friends

What made you decide to write leveling and gold guides when there is quite a bit of competition already?

One way to keep the game interesting is doing things out of the game like making videos or guides so it was just another WoW related project that I wanted to complete.

So there you have it, the (really short) Nyhm Interview. If you want to check out his WoW guides you’ll find them here.

And now, Nyhm of the Videos will explain, in great detail, why Mages pwn.

  8 Responses to “An Interview with Nyhm”

  1. This is not actualy Nyhm, apparently.

    .´s last blog post..Hard Like Heroic

  2. BULLSHIT!! This is not me, i never did an interview with anyone, this is some fool still trying to sell his garbage. Im getting damn sick of this shit and im going to have to make a video putting this site and any gold selling site out of buisness once and for all.

    Im done with this bullshit

    Nyhm´s last blog post..Just Loot It

  3. I’m sending ermails to this Nyhm and the guide’s Nyhm and we’ll see if either of them bother to reply, assuming they’re not the same person (note the previous commenter saying as much.) Until then I will be deleting all links to the guide and touching up the posts to make sure I gave Nyhm of the Vids appropriate credit.

  4. This is all Bs, nyhms a lock, he doesn’t play a dk and he has never wrote lvling and gold guilds, those are false ppl pretending to be him as he has said on his utube acc

  5. what server is nyhm on?

    Edit: Hey. There used to be a Nyhm on Alleria, but he’s either moved or been deleted. I don’t remember whether it was videos or guides Nyhm. Sorry. If you check out WoWarmory there are 128 Nyhms and most aren’t ‘locks (though a lot are.)

  6. does anyone knows a link to Nyhm’s armory page that works? trying to find it :(.

  7. WTF … the Nyhm from youtube is different he said it himself on an interiew over skype the guy selling guides even asked him to help out ….

  8. hey i like Nyhm, gigi and decision they are very cool and i want to meet them avcourse i play 2.4.3 in Xtreme WoW Estonia and i can’t see them but they are very, very cool!

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