Nov 092008

A few days back my web host punted me, suggesting that I find a new host. This was due to something crashing their servers, but as far as I can find out it wasn’t my fault and wasn’t theirs. Obviously it was the Gnomes.

So I received a backup of all my data from them and moved everything to the new host, where it actually seems to be running ok.

Umm… so where’s “The Cookbook is Back #1?”

Well, in a massive display of epic falm palming fail, I deleted the database for the blog. It was actually supposed to be the OTHER (expletives deleted) database, but there you go.

Fortunately, I was able to extract the database from the aforementioned backup file and restore everything, except “The Cookbook is Back (#1)”

So just the one post and the one comment (Sorry, Zug) is gone.

And now it’s time to get back to work. Or gaming. Or something. Maybe I’ll just watch some more 24 (via Netflix.)

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  1. Hey man, this is Visin from Azeroth Now, my website was down for a little while due to lack of interest and real world conflicts but I am up with the domain again with a partner doing a different approach on the blogosphere. My blog is on current gaming standards and gaming news, stop by and give it a look, but dont be to critical on it ;]


    Visin´s last blog post..Fable 2 Freeze Fix

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