Apr 172009

The 3.1 patch introduced a bunch of new glyphs. I was looking for info on them and here are a couple of notes. 

  • A few of the new glyphs are from the trainer, but most of  the new glyphs are found only through a Book of Glyph Mastery, not through any research procedure. edit: Also, you need to have 425 Inscription skill to use the book.
  • The book is found as a world drop from any Northrend mob. Start the mass slaughter now.
  • It’s a rare drop and is BoE, so can be traded or sold. Right now the going price for one is anywhere from 1-3k. Edit: Just checked Dark Iron. There the price is 4-5k each. Not worth it to me and I can easily afford it.
  • Inscribers “read” the book and get a random glyph. So you may well pay 2,500 -4,500 for a book only to find a glyph that you can’t use and that won’t sell.
  • These glyphs are going to be pretty rare for awhile and people who have them will be charging pretty high prices.

So there ya go. Happy hunting!

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