Oct 072008

So I dumped mining as a profession in favor of Herbalism (on my 70 Rogue.)  I’m going to max this skill out, hopefully before the next big (3.0) patch, in preparation for the new Inscription profession.

As most of you know, Inscription is part of the soon to be released Wrath of the Lich King expansion for Wow. As a professions, Inscription requires herbs which are then milled into the inks needed to write the scrolls and glyphs that Inscription creates. So I’m going to build a huge mass of these flowers and such and when the skill goes live I’m going to powerlevel it.

Most of these scroll and glyphs are not “Bind on Pickup,” so inscribers will be able to keep their guilds stocked with scrolls and glyphs.

Anyone out there interested in an Inscription guide? If so, if there anything in particular you’d like to see in it?

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