Apr 152009

Update, June 2011: In the even that you’re reading this ancient post you might be interested in knowing that I’ve written a more up to date inscription guide and there’s a new widget, the Tycoon gold addon, which can help you make more money from that skill.

The orginal post:

Ok, so the 3.1 patch went up and I was finally able to log on about 6pm or so.

By 1 am I had made almost 10,000 gold, all in glyphs. Sold about 350 of the things (math test: the average price per glyph is…?)  I’ll be hitting the gold cap in a day or two and will be dumping some on various alts. Maybe then I’ll power level something like Blacksmithing.

There’s a hint there, if you want it. Zuggy is a good one for market timing and the introduction of the dual spec in the 3.1 patch was a perfect example. Those of us who had large numbers of glyphs stocked up are cashing in. All of a sudden a lot of players need glyphs to fill out their second spec. And they have the money to buy your glyphs.

How do I know they have the money? Besides the obvious? Because it costs 1,000 gold to get the 2 spec capability (from your class trainer.) After that, what’s 30 gold for a glyph?

Prices are rather high on some pre-3.1 glyphs and I expect they’ll be really high for the new 3.1 glyphs.

By the way, for you Herbalists out there, what do you think the increased glyph demand is going to do to herb prices?Herbs being a necessary component for the Inscription inks.

If you need a quick and dirty guide to either profession, go to:

It’s going to take some time for this demand to cool down, so if you’re a scribe and/or herbalist, get to work!

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