Nov 172008

The land of Northrend, in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, is rich in various herbs. Herbalists will fnally be able to level their skills, again, and they will have an opportunity to get rich. Northrend herbs, for now, are selling for 30+ gold a stack, for the most common herbs, and higher for the others.

This, of course, is making inscribers unhappy since they have to grind up 5 herbs to make pigments for their inks. Alchemist are used to paying through the nose for their herbs (fel lotus) and this probably won’t change much. Still, prices will eventually drop as the farmers are done with leveling and start farming.

So here’s the list of the herbs that you can find in Northrend, with links to more info (on Inscribers should just grab whichever herb is cheapest and easiest, likely to be Goldclover for some time) and mill those.

Alchemists can click through the links to see which recipes can be made from these herbs.

  • Goldclover, 325 herbalism, all over the place in grassy areas. This one herb will take your skill to well over 400.
  • Deadnettle, drops with Goldclover
  • Firethorn, 325 herbalism, not millable, drops leaves and seeds that provide a buff (and a debuff,) I also saw a frost lotus drop and a crystallized life. Found around the hot pools in Borean Tundra.
  • Tiger lily, 400 Herbalism, found along the edges of waterways, just like Liferoot.
  • Frozen Herbs – All over the Dragonblight. 400+ skill to pick. These aren’t really distinct herbs, rather they are frozen Tiger lily, Talandra’s Rose, and Goldclover.
  • Constrictor Grass
  • Icethorn
  • Lichbloom, Requires 425 Herbalism and is found in places with snow areas I.E. Icecrown and Storm Peaks
  • Adder’s Tongue, This stuff is all over the place in Sholozar Basin, requires 430 Herbalism
  • Talandra’s rose, all over the place in the lower tiers of Zul’Drak
  • Frost Lotus, rarely picked directly, usually drops off other herbs, much like fel lotus


Note: If you are collecting herbs to sell you should think about the size of the stack that you post on the AH. If you’re selling to Inscribers then post in multiples of 5 and they will sell faster. If you are selling to Alchemists then check Thottbot or WoWhead for the number of herbs any particular potion needs and then sell that stack size.

  4 Responses to “Wrath of the Lich King Herbs”

  1. hey man great gold mini guide, these herbs come in handy in wotlk, im an herbalist i know. lol but thanks for the cool guide, and im waiting on more from you, i have you on my rss.


    (oh i made a mage wotlk talent guide)

    Visin´s last blog post..WotLk Mage Builds

  2. Hey,

    I’ll add stuff as I get it, but thanks.

    I just started a mage (undead) so I’m looking forward to your guide.

  3. exelente trabajo amigooo, me parecfe que es de los mejores trabajos que se puede tener no?? ganar dinero divirtiendose y en uno de los mjejores juegos de aventura, esta de lujo no??

    pues felicidades por la pagina, esta exelente…

    tengo mi mona paladina,,, Morthiss y es herbalist tambien, y como dicen otros, la guia es oro jejeje..

    cuidate y exito en todo ok???

  4. Yes, one of the ways to make gold is to farm the highest level herbs in Icecrown. It seems most of the good stuff is in the highest levels (for selling in stacks). Looking forward to seeing the new rare herbs in Cataclysm…!

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