May 022011

The 25 man Heroic raid boss bin Ladin is finally down. While the instance was actually opened perhaps five years ago, no announcement was made. In fact, measures were taken to keep the opening of the raid zone a secret. After years of careful study the raid entrance was discovered.

A team of, mostly ranged, DPS from the guild “Seal Team 6” did their homework, studied the fights, learned their rotations, practiced until everything was second nature, made sure consumable were stocked and gear was repaired, and in an assault that should be used as a model for raids everywhere, downed the trash and the boss in well under an hour. The only loss was, apparently, one gyro.

Rather than the usual practice of the raid team standing around the body for screenshots, they removed the body from the scene and vendored it… er… buried it at sea.

Here’s a poor video of the post raid scene, no bodies, some blood.

Some say that the raid happened a week ago, but the live tweeting shows that it was, in fact, yesterday.

Kudos to the Seal team 6 guild, and their associates, for a job well done!

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  3 Responses to “bin Laden Raid Boss Downed”

  1. haha nice post! yeah! seal team are really good! Cheers! I know deep inside that Bin Laden is good man. Only because of his ideals and his actions make him one of the terrorist Boss. lolz.

  2. Justice is served says the family of the victims of the bombing. We really don’t know what happened but I think this incident will make the Al Queida more aggressive.

  3. Wile we may never know exactly what happened I do think we know the basics. Some target in Pakistan was of high enough value to send in the Seal Team 6 guild, without telling the host country. Justice was served, closure was achieved, and now the job needs to be finished.

    As far as AQ goes, well, they’ve made a lot of flap and bother about various things in the past and not much has come of it. Not that they’re not dangerous, it’s just that I don’t think this will change things much. Besides, making them more aggressive might be a good thing. It makes them easier to hunt down. Then we can send them to the Undercity where they can discuss their feelings about the situation with the appropriate people.

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