All Your Addons Are Doomed!

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Oct 112010

Hey all,

The 4.0 patch is a few hours away. Consider that this is a huge patch and it will likely break many or most of your addons, especially any that deal with game mechanics, talents, or abilities. Time to head back to Curse and start looking for updates.

Forewarned is forearmed. 🙂

Edit: Yep, they’re broken. So are many of the macros.

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Sep 102008

[tag-tec]Wrath of the Lich King[/tag-tec] is going to bring many changes to the World of Warcraft and one of these changes will be to crush many of the addons that you’re using. As if you didn’t already have that figured out.

This is to be expected given all the basic changes being made. Blizzard is revamping a lot of stuff and I think a lot of it isn’t making it into the patch notes (big surprise, right? ) So with the addons there are many that work and many others that partially work and some that are totally broken.

Being that the whole thing is still in beta I think we can expect more breaking, more pwning of defenseless addons, and maybe a few that suddenly start working.

WoWwiki has a list of wow addons that currently work, or don’t, with the Wrath beta. Check it out here.

If your favorite addon is broken you might want to send some flowers and/or cookies to the developer and beg them for a Wrath update.