Massive WoW Gold Blueprint, Live at Noon (PST)

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May 272008

Hey all,

Let’s make some gold!

The Massive WoW Godl Blueprint, by Jon Kinens, goes live at Noon (Pacific Time) today and the Launche Period will last till the end of the day on June 1. After that  you’ll still be able to grab it, but here are three reasons not to wait:

  1. The price goes up by $30 on the 2nd.
  2. You will no longer have access to Gold Speed Run 2, or the logs from the 1st Gold Speed Run. By the way – the speed run is this: 30 days to 1000 gold (or more) with brand new characters. You get step by step detail for both.
  3. You will no longer be able to access the four live Q&A sessions that Jon will be having with the early buyers.
  4. Here’s the link, but it’s not live till noon (PST) Massive WoW Gold Blueprint

So if you wait you’ll lose out on some goodies.

Here are some FAQs about the Blueprint that Jon sent along:

  1. Is this yet another PDF e-book to download, or what?

    Answer: No! The Blueprint is a set of videos with detailed step-by-step instructions. You simply watch the videos, then do what I tell you (lol). There are more than 80 videos altogether, a little over 14 hours of entertainment, thrills (ahem), and yes… hard-hitting, surefire, Gold-making information.

    I’ve deliberately made The Massive Gold Blueprint completely different than all the other gold guides on the market, because it’s obvious that for many of you, the other gold guides *don’t work*!

  2. Can I download the videos to my own computer? Yes. But bear in mind that these are extremely high quality videos and the files are huge, several gigabytes in all. I expect most Members will watch online, and I’ve set up a high-performance video streaming system (hosted by to make sure you get fast loading, glitch-free viewing.Downloads are available in Quicktime video format (MOV files), and I’m also giving you MP3 audio files of everything, so you can listen on the move, take notes at work (hehe) etc.
  3. Do I need a Level 70 to make this work?Absolutely not. One of the cool things about the Blueprint Method is that it works without any outside help at all. In other words, you can follow the plan starting out from scratch on a new server, or even if you are just starting to play WoW. No previous experience required  🙂
  4. Is this method only useful for lowbies and noobs? Again… absolutely not. I realize this may be hard to appreciate and accept until you see the thing in action, but the fact is that even for top endgame veterans with multiple 70’s, my Blueprint method is hands down the fastest way to make Gold in the game.I’m one of those end-gamer vets myself, I have seven Level 70’s on 3 servers, and I NEVER farm or grind or do dailies for Gold anymore, it’s basically just a waste of time. Instead I spend 1 – 2 hours a day using the Blueprint technique, not even using my main  characters, and I make enough Gold every week to keep all my “big guys” happy… and then some.
  5. What’s this I hear about another Gold Speed Run?You’ve probably seen my videos about the Gold Speed Run I did a couple of months ago on a brand new server. Well, I’m doing it again, this time as a “Fast Action” bonus for owners of The Massive Gold Blueprint.Basically, I’m starting the challenge again from scratch, beginning next Tuesday (June 2). I’m going to do it on a server that YOU GUYS get to pick, and I’m even going to give all the Gold I make to one of the Speed Run II participants.PLUS – I’m doing all-new videos while I’m on the new Speed Run challenge. If you get in on this bonus, you’ll  be getting at least 6 hours more of fresh video and audio updates as the 30-day Run continues… posted to a special private area within the membership, just for Fast Action winners.

So there you have it. I really hope you’ll get the jump on the crowd, and catch the early bonuses – if you get into the Gold Speed Run II challenge, you get to race Jon and everyone else (and me) to 1,000 Gold… it’s going to be a blast!

Here’s the link again: Massive WoW Gold Blueprint

The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint Goes Live Tuesday

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May 262008

The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint is scheduled to launch at 12 noon (PST) on Tuesday, the 27th. If you need to convert that to your time, anywhere in the world, then go here.

What you need to do if you want to get in on the launch is click through and join the notification list. That way you’ll get notice as soon as this puppy goes live. While you’re at it, watch the videos (links below.)

Why hop on the launch as early as possible?

  1. You’ll get started building your gold stash before those who don’t
  2. You’ll get a pile of bonuses for buying early, including
    • Access to all the info for the Gold Speed Run 2 – this is where Jon builds new characters on a new server and earns at least 1000 gold in 30 days. No 70s to help out, no generous guilds, no sugar daddies.
    • Four Q&A sessions, only available to people who buy in early, where Jon will answer any and all questions about WoW gold and the Blueprint.
    • The logbook from Gold Speed Run #1 – with all the details on how he already did the speed run… what he bought, where he went, how he did it.
    • And there’s more
  3. You’ll save $30 over the final price. Yep, he’s going to increase the price after June 1.

So what’s in this thing? This Massive WoW Gold Blueprint?
For starters, it’s a series of modules designed to teach you how to set up your gold creation network of characters. The blueprint will walk you step by step, with videos and PDFs, through every step of setting up your gold machine.

He does recommend doing this on a non-PvP server, for the simple reason that you can have characters on both sides, Alliance and Horde. This makes it easier to do cross-faction buying and selling. If you’re on a PvP server, like all of my characters, then you can still work the blueprint, but you won’t be doing the cross-faction work unless you have two accounts.

In addition, everything is accessible to the brand new WoW player. Don’t know Stormwind from a hole in the ground? He’ll tell you everything you need to cash in on Stormwind, including how to get there from the starting area. (All the experienced Ally players now groan…)

Instead of giving advice like. “Use Auctioneer to play the Auction House…” he’ll give you a set of videos which will show you exactly, step by step, how to do that.

Never had more than a few gold to your character’s name? The Gold Blueprint will fix that. Brand new to the game and don’t know where to go? The Blueprint is for you.

No matter what level you are you’ll learn a path to getting all the gold that your characters will be able to use. The speed runs were all started with level 1 characters.

So check it out and get all the gold your characters will ever need.

The Mightly Massive WoW Gold Blueprint Contest

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May 222008

The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint is a step by step guide to putting massive amounts of World of Warcraft Gold into your account. It will come out in a few days and will include videos, PDFs, how to, why to, and where to in order to amass this gold.

And no, you don’t need to be level 70.

Do you need a copy? Enough to try to convince Jonathan Kinens that you do? Well, you have your chance. He’s announced that he’s running a contest and the winner gets a free copy of the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint. Actually, there will be two winners and each of them will get a copy. It could be you.

Here’s how it works. Click through to any of the links below and watch the videos, if you haven’t already. That way you’ll learn what the Blueprint is all about. Then click through to the blog, find the contest post, and leave a comment telling Jon just why you are the one who most deserves to win.

So why are you still here?

May 202008

One of the best tips available for earning more gold in WoW is to get the Auctioneer addon. This handy tool learns the auctionhouse, over time, and will give you valuable info on the market price of any item you come across.

You can grab Auctioneer here, documentation is available on the site. Hit the site and go to downloads. You’ll want to full suite, which combines both the classic and advanced suites.

Here’s a video which will show you how to make wow gold by using the various Auctioneer functions. Check it out.

Update 10/24: Auctioneer has officially moved to the advanced suite and the “classic suite” will no longer be supported.

The buying and selling is now done through the Appraiser interface, which takes a little bit to learn, but which is actually kind of cool.

You can either dig through the docs and forums on the Auctioneer site to learn how to use it, or you can log into your Massive WoW Gold Blueprint account, where Jon has uploaded a 45 min video on the ins and outs of the new Auctioneer. Also included with that are 45 minute videos on the Inscription profession and the buying and selling of herbs for massive gold.

If you don’t have a Blueprint account you can check that product out, here. It’s wildly different from all the other gold guides out there: The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint Review

edit 6/26: Keep in mind that as Blizzard updates WoW it also updates the programming code used to build our addons. This is what results in addon breakage and the need to update our addons. So if Auctioneer isn’t working (see comment) upgrade to the latest version.

Massive Wow Gold Blueprint – Cash from Prarie Dogs

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May 172008

Well, actually it’s the whistles…

Video #3 from the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint gives you another technique to make a nice sum of cash, even if you’re level one. You do have to have access to the Horde though, so if you’re alliance on a PvP server you won’t be able to do this.

Check it out: The Praire Dog Trading Route

Massive WoW Gold BluePrint – The Darkmoon Faire

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May 172008

The Darkmoon Faire pops up once a month and provide fun and frolic for many. It also provide a means to make a lot of WoW gold that is accessable to even level 1 characters.

Play your cards right and you might find yourself with enough cash for some sweet gear.

The Massive WoW Gold Blueprint has posted a video on how you can do this. Just click on over and check it out.

Massive Wow Gold Blueprint

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May 172008

Looking for the gold to buy that Epic Flying mount or that nice purple weapon in the Auction House? It can be done.

I bought my EFM shortly after hitting 70 (6k gold with the training(!)) just by following some of the tips in Valkor’s Gold Guide. That’s in addition to various pieces of gear that dropped off the auction house.

Basically, making gold in WoW isn’t at all hard. Boil it all down and what you do is:

  1. Sell items to vendors
  2. Sell items to players (directly or through the AH)
  3. Do quests, but that’s only interesting as you approach 70.

The trick is in finding which items sell well and/or where to buy them cheap and then sell them for an arm and a leg.

There’s a new guide coming out, the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint, which I think will totally blow away the rest of the gold guides out there. One of the things that’s really cool is the free stuff he’s giving away.

Check out the free video’s he’s offering and see if you can make some gold with the tips he’s offering in that video (I did.) Then check his blog for more videos and more tips. You’ll get even more if you sign up for his notification list.

Massive Gold Blueprint video 1 – Getting Gold the Fast Way. You’ll be able to click through to the blog from that page.