Aug 192008

Caught a post today on Tobald’s MMO blog, asking if Final Fantasy XI Raid Bosses are too hard. So I thought I’d ask the same question about World of Warcraft raiding.

Now, I’ve never played FF XI, but the poster and commenters seem pretty adamant about some of those bosses. Some seemed to feel they were there to keep people from “finishing” the game and then quitting.

It does seems to me that going 3 years without a kill is a bit much, but what do I know? 😉

The WoW bosses, tough as they may be (and I’m talking about the 25 and 40 man raids,) are killable with certain strategies, though they will provide boxes full of wipes until that point.

Are they too easy? Too hard? Should there be some that are only killable by the Elite Guilds? Should a well disciplined PUG (Pick Up Group) be able to kill them? Is there any such thing as a well disciplined PUG?


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