Sep 092010

Just for the hell of it I started a set of characters on a brand new server (Emerald Dream, Horde side.) Why? I was tired of being on a low pop server and wanted to see some people running around who were on the same side. Try being Alliance on Detheroc and you’ll know what I mean. The only people you see there are the NPCs in the city, right before the Horde player(s) kills them.


In addition to that, I need gold to buy stuff for the toons, so I’m taking an idea from a gold guide seller and am doing a 1k gold run in 30 days. For the one or two of you who might read this and be interested, the index page to all the days is here: 1k Gold Run.

Why? It’s sort of my response to those “can I have X gold to by a (something??????) Pretty Plz????” remarks in game. Gold’s easy to make (and easier to buy, just say bye bye to your account…)

At this point my mains are a mighty level 18 Rogue and a devastating 17 mage.

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  1. Hey there. Just googled how to start off making gold (I’m a nublette concerning AH profits) on a new server. See my fiance and I wanted to rp, so about a week ago we went to a new server called Emerald Dream (Horde side) and I was hoping to see if you had any tips. After reading your post, I see that you’ve also just started on this server. If you see me be sure to give me a /wave and I’ll do the same for you.

  2. Hey,

    Yeah, I’m doing Ok on that server. Just over 2k gold at this point, on day 13. Highest level is a 23 rogue and a 21 mage and the DK hasn’t made it out of the starting area yet. So it’s all something that very low levels can do.

    All the details of what I’m doing, and I started with a few silver and a few gathers, is posted there. If I can do it then anyone can do it, but in the last 5 minutes I’ve seen a couple of “I need gold!” posts in chat. Go figure.

    Update: Well, the people who are really hot at the speed runs are doing 20x what I’m doing. I’m only at 4k on day 22. Highest level is 31.

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