Oct 222008

As you probably have noticed the 3.0+ patches to WoW have crushed the guts out of many of our addons. Curse Gaming has a list of addons updated for the 3.0+ patches and, presumably, Wrath Ready.

Go here to browse.

edit: Some additional info on use and installing addons can be found here: WoW addons

  2 Responses to “Wrath of the Lich King Slays WoW Addons”

  1. I was just looking for a recommendation on add-ons. Which ones do you personally have installed?

    Rob Davidson´s last blog post..How to get addicted to World of Warcraft

  2. Hi Rob,

    At the moment I’m running fairly lean. I have the Auctioneer Advanced suite, BulkMail inbox, Rogue Focus Classic, and OneBag 3. Addons that I active at different times are Cartographer, Titan Panel (no longer officially supported) and the Zygor’s guide addons.

    I’ll add more in as the Wrath dusts settles and bugs get worked out.

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