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Vashj’ir, one of the new Cataclysm zones (80+,) is an ideal spot for the avid fisherman. Loaded with everything from crabs to lobster to grouper and big eels to giant whale sharks this place has everything.

Then, when you’re bored with catching giant fish the local Naga might come on board, say “Hi!” and escort you down for a scenic tour through their underwater city. Make sure you have a Naga approved Visa or getting back might be difficult.

To get to Vashj’ire and Nagaville, the first time, you’ll need to take the boat. Hordies head out the main gate of Orgrimmar, take a left, and go all the way to the beach. (If you’re facing Org, hang a right.)

You’ll find a dock. Hop on board and head on out to the greatest fishing grounds you’ve never seen.

Then, if for some silly reason, you should hearth back to Org, say… to get trained, then how do you get back to the fishing grounds (at least, for the Beta?)

Rozlyn is here to help. She’s standing in the doorway to the Org Mayor’s office and will teleport you back to Vashj’ir. Make sure you stock up on fresh bait and tackle, first. That’s Roz in the doorway. (click to embiggen.)

Rozlyn will get you back to Vashj'ir

Another way to go is by air. There is a flightmaster in Vashj’ire that will send you to Undercity, so grab that one and you’re good.

Vashj'ir to Undercity

The Orc is your flightmaster to the big city, the “guy” in the water is your local flightmaster.The Location is “Sandy Beach.”

Sandy Beach is here… at the marker, south of Kelp Forest. The first FP you grab should connect to it automatically.

Sandy Beach Fly Point

Now go catch a big one!

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  1. This is an ideal place to spend some time for fishing. I love to spend some time over there.

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