Dec 252008

Some time back I posted five funny WoW videos. Mikey added a comment with links to a couple of others, which I thought were pretty good.

This one’s for anyone who spends any time in the real world:

And this one’s for you Ork Gangstaz who want to be Thrall:

Any recommendations of your own?

The Gnaked Gnome Race

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Sep 302008

Yes, Big Red Kitty has gone mad. Waitminute… what do you mean he was already there? Sigh…

Oh, right…. gnaked gnome races.

Yeah, that’s right. 10/04/08 is the great gnome race from the hatching area to Booty Bay. Good thing it’s not on a PvP server. (Does gnaked = ganked?)

What’s that? You want details? Oh, those…

Ok, go here: This is Not a Drill!

edit: Now if it WAS a PvP server we could have the Naked Orc Gnome Hunters competing alongside the race…

Sep 242008

It’s old, it’s been done, but I’m still going to do it again!

You know you’ve been playing too much World of Warcraft when…

  • You start another one of these discussions/threads
  • you change your homepage to Thottbot/WOWHead/etc.
  • You look at Democrats and Republicans as Horde and Alliance (and the Goblins are the Independent parties.)
  • you get confused or upset because you can’t walk through people in real life.
  • You refer to other people and make note of their faction, class, and probable level. Jack Bauer is a …
  • You and your computer chair have become one
  • You pass a cop and wonder if you just aggroed him.
  • The rest of the family goes on vacation without you, since they know you’ll be lost in the real world.
  • You wonder why all the hunters have the same pet when you walk through your local dog park.
  • You end your blogging about WoW, because you turned around to see that your significant other was playing, and how can she possibly play when you, yourself, are blogging??????
  • You run around the streets, wearing nothing but your underwear, shouting “GOLD PLS!”

Some of the above were swiped from the following sites:

And a few more YKYBPTOWOWWs from the WoW Forums:

  • When asked where something is, you respond with “Look it up on thottbot, gosh….”
  • When you and your RL friends start calling each other by their WoW character names.
  • You tell your co-workers you’re going to go loot the vending machine because at least it’s 100% drop rate.
  • When you open Firefox and start typing your account information into the Google search bar.
  • When you say gold instead of money IRL (In Real Life) and don’t notice.
  • when you try to gank garden gnomes
  • When you confuse the date for a spec build. (Ok, it’s 9/24/08… that’s 9 pts in assassination, 24 in combat, and 8 in subtlety…)

Add your own in the comments and they may get added to the list!

And in the Apropos of Nothing department…

You’re on Notice!

Put ’em On Notice here.


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Aug 242008

Having played a few too many [tag-tec]Warsong Gulch[/tag-tec] Battlegrounds (BGs) recently I though this was pretty funny (I play Horde.) Ah, if only Horde was really like that!

Credit where credit is due, I found this on WoW Insider.

Oh, don’t watch if you’re alliance. 😉

Planning? Horde makes plans? There’s a planning phase?

Premades FTW!

The flag carrier isn’t supposed to engage all opposition while carrying the flag? Who would have thought?

Isn’t WSG just everyone’s favorite BG?

Aug 052008

Some of our favorite WoW videos. There are a lot of funny, silly, and weird World of Warcraft videos out there, these are some of the best.

You may have to give the videos a moment to load.

You’ve seen the WoW Commercials, right? Such as the one with William Shatner or Mr. T?: In the World of Warcraft I’m a…

Weird Al Yankovich is well know for his “covers” of various songs. Here’s Hardware Store:

Pwnage. Good ol’ time story telling, The Ballad of the Noob and the 60:

A classic. Leroy Jenkins defining the term Epic Fail. The group is trying to put together a plan to survive the next encounter, and…

And the funniest: The World of Wifecraft. The kids might not get it, but those of us out of our teens certainly will!

What are you choices? If they make me laugh I’ll post them.

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