Sep 242008

It’s old, it’s been done, but I’m still going to do it again!

You know you’ve been playing too much World of Warcraft when…

  • You start another one of these discussions/threads
  • you change your homepage to Thottbot/WOWHead/etc.
  • You look at Democrats and Republicans as Horde and Alliance (and the Goblins are the Independent parties.)
  • you get confused or upset because you can’t walk through people in real life.
  • You refer to other people and make note of their faction, class, and probable level. Jack Bauer is a …
  • You and your computer chair have become one
  • You pass a cop and wonder if you just aggroed him.
  • The rest of the family goes on vacation without you, since they know you’ll be lost in the real world.
  • You wonder why all the hunters have the same pet when you walk through your local dog park.
  • You end your blogging about WoW, because you turned around to see that your significant other was playing, and how can she possibly play when you, yourself, are blogging??????
  • You run around the streets, wearing nothing but your underwear, shouting “GOLD PLS!”

Some of the above were swiped from the following sites:

And a few more YKYBPTOWOWWs from the WoW Forums:

  • When asked where something is, you respond with “Look it up on thottbot, gosh….”
  • When you and your RL friends start calling each other by their WoW character names.
  • You tell your co-workers you’re going to go loot the vending machine because at least it’s 100% drop rate.
  • When you open Firefox and start typing your account information into the Google search bar.
  • When you say gold instead of money IRL (In Real Life) and don’t notice.
  • when you try to gank garden gnomes
  • When you confuse the date for a spec build. (Ok, it’s 9/24/08… that’s 9 pts in assassination, 24 in combat, and 8 in subtlety…)

Add your own in the comments and they may get added to the list!

And in the Apropos of Nothing department…

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