Sep 262008

Transferred my 70 BE Rogue over to the Wrath Beta the other day. So here are some gameplay thoughts.

It’s interesting having to redo my talents everytime I log in. Went with a 51 pt combat build (s1 swords) this time around. With Blade furry, sword spec, adrenaline rush, unfair advantage… It’s Cuisinart Rogue! 🙂 May have to try a bit of herding…

I’ve only been through a few of the quests, halfway to 71 now, but there are some that I really like. Freeing NPCs and having them help out is always fun.

Smashing 100 undead with a tank that’s armed with a big saw… Well, that quest’s good for a little extra grinding. “Hey boss, I killed 3,650 of the scourge things, is that ok?”

Riding under the flying carpet was interesting… (sorry, no screenie, I was asleep at the switch.) Guess the Devs thought it was a glider type parachute.

Speaking of parachutes, yep you’ll get to parachute down at one point (at least.) Very cool.

Joined a guild, Violence, that has 350+ members. Quietest guild I’ve ever been in.

I like the mist effects.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to Wrath.

edit: by the way, I’m already seeing green gear that’s, in some ways, as interesting as my s1/s2 PvP gear. I expect in a couple levels I may be thinking about going back to greens.

Sep 112008

Looking around my blog list I came across a couple of interesting PvP posts that I thought you might like to see.

This first one is arena based, but I think it could be easily used elsewhere, in the unlikely event that you can find cooperative players in the BGs. Since my main is a Rogue i particularly liked this one.

Rogue / Rogue vs. Druid / Rogue is no easy match, typically any team with a druid is going to be a tough match for a double rogue team. That said, using systemic decision making and quick reflexes we can learn how to effectively counter these 2v2 teams.
Rogue / Rogue Vs. Druid / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

Gnomes. There’s just something disturbing about them. Must be the remnants of the radiation poisoning. It is rather interesting how those Tauren mallets are just the right size…  Anyway, here’s a fun story of the Hunter and the Gnome Rogue.

The Tauren Hunter was merrily bounding into the Silverwing base in Warsong Gulch; she had been enjoying these player-verses-player excursions lately and was rather fond of her 25,000 honor that she had stockpiled for when she would hit 70 in a couple more levels and would need a nice set of war gear to go with her set of standard adventuring gear. She made it to the roof of the enemy building when suddenly she was jumped upon! By a very persistent gnome rogue.
The Fable of the Gnome Rogue

Rogue’s Eye View has something which some of you know about already, but maybe a few don’t. Hope into your very own premade level 80, then go kill the other 80s!

To those that don’t know, earlier this week it was announced that level 80 premades are available to players in the beta test.

In order to copy over a premade character, you’ll need to log into your account at and make your way to the character copy section.
Level 80 Premades Available for Beta Servers

Sep 102008

[tag-tec]Wrath of the Lich King[/tag-tec] is going to bring many changes to the World of Warcraft and one of these changes will be to crush many of the addons that you’re using. As if you didn’t already have that figured out.

This is to be expected given all the basic changes being made. Blizzard is revamping a lot of stuff and I think a lot of it isn’t making it into the patch notes (big surprise, right? ) So with the addons there are many that work and many others that partially work and some that are totally broken.

Being that the whole thing is still in beta I think we can expect more breaking, more pwning of defenseless addons, and maybe a few that suddenly start working.

WoWwiki has a list of wow addons that currently work, or don’t, with the Wrath beta. Check it out here.

If your favorite addon is broken you might want to send some flowers and/or cookies to the developer and beg them for a Wrath update.