Oct 082010

Really it’s only abut 2 mill, because everyone has 6 accounts, right? 😉

Bliz announced yesterday that WoW has over 12 million subs. Regardless of how snarky one wants to get with the numbers of real players that’s what… 5x the #2 game?

Blizzard Entertainment said Thursday that the number of players now subscribed to “World of Warcraft” and its expansions has reached 12 million.

The multiplayer online game topped 11 million subscribers in October 2008.

The rest is on PC World (and a few zillion other places)

I want Aion’s graphics, animations, and some of the mechanics combined with WoW’s depth and cool features. Ah well, WoW’s what’s taking my game time. Guess that says it all.

edit: Just a last minute thought – people play Aion and the other games for a couple of weeks or months, they play WoW for years. I think that says it all.

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