I got an Epic!

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Aug 172008

Video from the Mighty Nyhm, Mwahahaha!

I’ll be posting more of Nyhm’s stuff as time goes on.

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Aug 052008

Some of our favorite WoW videos. There are a lot of funny, silly, and weird World of Warcraft videos out there, these are some of the best.

You may have to give the videos a moment to load.

You’ve seen the WoW Commercials, right? Such as the one with William Shatner or Mr. T?: In the World of Warcraft I’m a…

Weird Al Yankovich is well know for his “covers” of various songs. Here’s Hardware Store:

Pwnage. Good ol’ time story telling, The Ballad of the Noob and the 60:

A classic. Leroy Jenkins defining the term Epic Fail. The group is trying to put together a plan to survive the next encounter, and…

And the funniest: The World of Wifecraft. The kids might not get it, but those of us out of our teens certainly will!

What are you choices? If they make me laugh I’ll post them.

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Fast Leveling Tips for WoW

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Jul 232008

Leveling and gold gathering are two topics of interest to pretty much all WoW players. Well, here’s a fellow who’ll show you how to do both.

Some extracted tips:

  1. Always stay in the center of your screen
  2. Call out your abilities as you use them
  3. Say “For the Horde” alot, even if Alliance
  4. This guy’s going to beat WoW in a few days. Can you do that?

Warning – Major silliness follows: