Dec 102008

The Stoppable Force has a good post for new [tag-tec]Death Knights[/tag-tec]. First on he admits to only being level 63, but by listening to what others are saying saying and doing he’s realized that he has some good stuff to offer.

His posts covers attack rotations for each tree (blood, frost, unholy) and why you want to use them. Good stuff. Some good stuff in the comments, too.

TSF Teaches You How To Start Playing Your Death Knight

Something that will be a great help in building an attack rotation, for your DK or for any character, is your keybindings. Don’t click your powers, bind them to hot keys. All other things being equal a key-binder will always outplay a clicker, because the bindings are so much faster to use.

Here’s a nice tutorial on the How and Why of keybindings, by While it’s a Warlock post I think most people will be able to use the info and adapt it to their Death Knights or any other class.

It’s the notorious topic, the eternal struggle between clickers and the rest (let’s call them pressers due to lack of terms). Many articles were published about keybinding, some good some bad, but most of them agree on one thing: binding your keys is the way to excel at this game. Here’s the rest: WoW Keybindings

More death Knight Goodness

Frost isn’t just for tanking. This wag has been doing just fine by going against convention and using a Frost Build for his Death Knight.

Pastor Playz» Blog Archive » Frosty the Deathknight was a jolly … – When the mention of the Death Knight class was introduced by blizzard I was one who . . well . . .I did not care really. To me it sounded dark and foreboding, nothing like any of the characters I like to play. …

A great overview of the Death Knight, what it’s like to play, and so on.

The Death Knight, Azeroth’s Overpowered Hero « Bird’s Sweet Blahg – You also receieve your talent points, so by the end of the quest line, you will be able to fully build your character’s spec. Let’s talk perks. For one, you get an epic riding mount from the get go for free, and it’s a Death Knight …

There be some changes comin’…  Here’s what’s currently on the test server, scroll down to see the list of possible DK changes. Of course, since it’s on the test server any given change may or may not make it to the live servers.

3.0.8 PTR Patch Notes Now Available | – PTR Patch notes where released today so I would expect to see them hit the PTR just about any time now. One thing to note, you can now create Death Knight on any server once you hit 55!

And for those of you who think that Death Knights might be underpowered…

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King | Wrath | Wotlk: Death … – Felblood, the Death Knight who recently soloed Zul’Gurub, sent us news of a new accomplishment: he’s finished off most of AQ20 as well. Kurinaxx’s Mortal Strike-like debuff apparently didn’t affect Death Strike, so he just had to dodge …

  2 Responses to “Death Knight Tips and Builds and Stuff”

  1. Thanks for the link 😉

    Horns´s last blog post..Wrath Arena Review

  2. Death Knights definitely aren’t underpowered. They got hit with some big nerf sticks since they came out, but that only chased away face roll noobs who were owning everyone.

    If played right they can be one of the hardest to kill classes in pvp, and a huge dps output in pve.

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