Oct 012008

I’ve heard rumors, here and there, that one or two people are planning on playing a Death Knight when Wrath of the Lich King arrives.

Update, 10/31 – The free DK Prep Guide guide is no longer available, sorry. That was out of my control.  However, there is another freebie, below.

As for he prep guide It’s been incorporated into the full Death Knight Guide, by the Killer Guides team. In addition to the prep guide, you get info on talents, builds, strategies, leveling, gold, PvP, and everything else you need to be the most brutal Death Knight that you can be.

Check out that guide here, and then check out their screaming deal, 20 WoW guides for the price of 3.

The freebie is a leveling guide for the Death Knight starter area (covering levels 55-58.) For those of you have have played several DKs through that area (in the beta) well, you won’t find this interesting.

For the rest of you who want a step by step walkthough of all the quests, where to go, what to do, etc., you’ll want this guide. It’ll save you a lot of time getting through the new area. Click here to get yours.

Just in case this is true you might want to check out this freebie, the Death Knight Prep Guide.

It’s not a leveling or skill guide. It is a guide to potions, gear, and a few other things you’ll want to do to get your Death Knight 100% ready to go for Outlands and Northrend. Buy them and store them now, while they’re cheap.

  6 Responses to “Free Death Knight Prep Guide”

  1. Nice that’s it’s free. The format’s a bit hard to read. Two columns with double spaced text… Would be better to just be a text file IMO

    murloc’s last blog post..SQL insert incrementing the key

  2. Yeah, that may be true, but there’s more perceived value as a PDF than as text. The info’s still usefull and gives people an idea of what to look for when gearing their DK. Plus, so many freebie these days require an email address first and this one doesn’t, which is nice.

  3. i dun need this its so simple to go and PvP its not heard

  4. I submit the above comment as evidence of the wonders of the public education system. I deleted two other comments by the same fellow that were somewhat, umm… less coherent.

  5. thanks for guide, i love WOW !

  6. Great guide, thanks

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