Blizzard and Microsoft? Really?

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Jul 132012

It’s just a rumor, but…

Vivendi might be looking to sell Activision/Blizzard. The price tag would be rather steep, but there are companies that could afford it. Why would they sell? Apparently that company has a serious debt burden and sinking share prices. (They’ve probably been spending the WoW money on vacations and expensive offices, rather than game development? Actually, Vivendi is big, and made an ill-timed acquisition or two. )

Microsoft, for one. IF MS was actually interested, the move would strengthen its position in various markets. But, then again, there’s are Chinese and Korean companies which might be more intereested (Tencent and Nexon, to name two) and the buy would give them a stronger position in western markets.

What it would mean for WoW is anyone’s guess. Who knows? If Bliz was bought out maybe the new owners would demand some story/lore consistency? 😉

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