Mar 162009

Actually, that should be “… The Way Your Character Looks?”

So change it already. As I’m sure you’ve know (via the WoW Launcher) Bliz is offering a complete makeover of your character’s appearance.When I saw the blurb I had a (very) brief hope that Bliz was going to do something a little more like the City of Heroes character generator. No such luck, but they do once thing that the CoH system doesn’t…

Tired of being (fe)male? Get a sex change. Yep, you can change gender as well as looks. Class and race remain unchanged, so you can’t go from that ugly male Night Elf to that stunning female Dwarf. You can also get a name change while you’re at it. Great for those times when you really really need to get away from those vengeful guildmates…

Just hop over to the character changer device (you’ll have to log into your account) and make any necessary … adjustments.

Just one downside, well… two:

  1. It costs $15, and
  2. You can only do it once every 30 days. So try not to offend your new guild for at least a month.

Two bad we can’t get that kindof makeover in the real world for that price.

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