Jun 302008

That Video Gaming Blog has an interesting post titled, Top 10 things needed in World of Warcraft.

I don’t know which of these are actually technically possible, or currently under development, but the ideas are interesting. One of the commenters does seem to have a good idea of what’s what in those areas, though.

Of course, Blizzard has it’s own ideas of where it wants to take the [tag-tec]World of Warcraft[/tag-tec], and only their devs know what special goodies are coming up. Still, it’s fun to do these lists.

Here’s what I would add to the above list:

  1. City of Heroes (Villains) has a killer character customization system. Plus you can go to a tailor at any time and change your look (just costs money.)  While i think it’d be a major undertaking to do this in WoW (and Bliz does have the resources) I also think it’d get rid of some of the cookie cutter look of the characters.

    It’d be cool even to change just the colors of any given armor set. Maybe changing the Gladiator look from black to hot pink would be a bit much, but I’m sure there’s a happy medium.

  2. A better “I Want a Team!” interface. Maybe the ability to add comments about your character and other characters (visible only to you.) Or maybe trade chat is good enough.
  3. A reason to make a team in the first place, other than for instances or just having fun with friends. Maybe by adjusting XP rewards, for example.
  4. A diary interface where one can add whatever notes, comments, coordinates, links etc. that come to mind. This would be especially handy if you stop playing your character for awhile and would like to remember just what was happening when you come back.

So what would you like to see added?

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