Jul 252012

As you likely know, the official launch date is 9/25/2012.

Get ready!

40 bux and comes with level 90 cap, Pandarans, new Monk class (roles of Tank, DPS, and Healer,) pet battles, new PvP, new dungeons/raids, new lands, squash 85s like bugs, and much more.

An Enhanced Version is available for $60, but doesn’t offer much (in my view.) ibtimes says there’s an $80 version as well, with DVD, sound track, art, and more stuff. Sounds a little more interesting to me.

You should be able to buy it all over the place, including the Bliz store and Amazon. Some sellers might have incentives.

Official Bliz splash page

Mists of Pandaria on Amazon
Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition ($80)




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