Jun 052008

For those of you starting a Druid, your class has several rather long and involved quest chains to obtain certain powers. At about level 14 you can do the five-quest chain to obtain the cure poison spell. Some detailed information, maps and screenshots are always nice to see before embarking on these quests.

To assist you in your quest for the cure poison spell we’ve put together a detailed walk through for the Druid’s Power over Poison quest chain: one for Alliance and one for the Horde.

  1. Alliance Druid – Power over Poison Quest Chain
  2. Horde Druid – Power over Poison Quest Chain

Let us know if you find these guides helpful. We’ll be coming up with more soon.

You might also be interested in the guides we made for the Druid Bear form quest chain and the Alliance Druid Sea Lion form and Horde Druid Sea Lion form quest chain.

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