Aug 192008

Lum the Mad has written up a review of the [tag-tec]Deathknight [/tag-tec] starting area, focusing on the lore aspect, and he includes dialog and videos. His feeling is that, until now, Blizzard hasn’t done as good a job as it could have in incorporating world lore into the gameplay.

In the DK area you’ll see that your actions have an effect on the world, which is pretty damn cool. Having played through roughly half of the DK area I’d say it’s fun, different, and if you … well, nevermind. 🙂

I think people are going to really enjoy it. Of course, since it’s a beta, everything is subject to change, but I think the lore will stay pretty much intact.

Here’s what Lum has to say about it:

The presentation of the questlines is nothing short of exhilirating. You are the Lich King’s vassal, the bringer of the apocalypse. You are the primary bringer of death and destruction to the Scarlet Crusade. You work to gather information and destroy their very hearts, minds and bodies. And with each phase, the landscape and figures change to reflect the strides you’ve made. And all of this is presented in a story that has a clear beginning, middle and end.

Keep in mind that Lum’s post does include spoilers. So if you want to discover everything for yourself then just read the first few paragraphs, or skip it and wait for your beta key or the official release.

Here’s the rest of his post: WotLK Beta Review: The Death Knight Tutorial

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  1. Woo, I have a death knight too, all the way to 78 at the moment. It’s definitely fun. Interestingly enough, my main is a mage too. Maybe the DK will become my main when the expansion actually gets released.

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