The Burdens of Shaohao—Part 2: Despair

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Aug 062013

The Burdens of Shaohao—Part 2: DespairThis is #2 in a serioes of six videos, by Blizzard, of the ancient emperor Shaohao.

In a new series of six dramatic shorts, we travel back to the time of the last Pandaren emperor, a golden age before the land was enveloped by mist. Emperor Shaohao pursued his friend with great haste, but one misstep took him from his path. He fought to free himself from the swamp, struggling only making him sink into Despair. Would Shaohao find a way to escape?

Watch “The Burdens of Shaohao Part Two: Despair” to find out.


The Burdens of Shaohao Part One: Doubt

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Aug 062013

part 1 - doubtIn the Prelude we’re introduced to the last Pandaren Emperor, Shaohao. He received a vision that was not quite what he hopes…

Fearing for the future of his people, Emperor Shaohao sought out the Jade Serpent, Spirit of Wisdom, for council. He struggled to find meaning and fell into Doubt. Would the emperor triumph over his inner demons?

Watch “The Burdens of Shaohao Part One: Doubt” to find out.


The Burdens of Shaohao – the Prelude

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Aug 032013

Blizzard will be releasing a series of videos on ancient Pandaria  lore, The Burdens of Emperor Shaohao.

In this Prelude we’re introduced to the last Pandaren Emperor, Shaohao. He receives a vision that is not quite what he hoped it would be…


This is his story:



Holy Paladin PvP Gear Guide

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Jul 282013

Mists of Pandaria Holy Paladin PvP Gearing: How to Gear Enchant and Reforge a Holy Paladin in WoW PVP – Season 13 Patch 5.3


How to Gear Enchant and Reforge a Holy Paladin in WoW PVP - Season 13 Patch 5.3

This guide is a collaborative effort with Necrolina, produced by SkillCapped. All of our written guides are available for free, and we encourage you to post them wherever you’d like as long as you use a link back!

Note: This guide was originally for patch 5.2 and has been updated by me for 5.3. Here is the original pageAlso this guide assumes that you’re level 90. If you’re not yet there, then go here and get there.


  1. Stat Priority
  2. Adjusting Stats As You Grind
  3. Optimal Final Stats
  4. Getting Started
  5. Honor Gear
  6. Conquest Gear
  7. The Best Holy Paladin PvP Gear in Season 12
  8. Holy Paladin PvP Professions




Healing spells always land on your target, which makes Spell Hit rating obsolete for healing spells. Holy Paladins also have Holy Insight, which is more than enough additional Spell Hit to reach the 6% Spell Hit cap when trying to assist in damaging your team’s kill target, Holy Wrathto reduce damage output, or land a timely Hammer of Justice. It is also of note that although it is not mentioned in the tooltip, Hammer of JusticeBlinding Light, and other control abilities, benefit from Holy Insight as well.

There are no “Mandatory” stats for Holy Paladins.

Ideal Stat Gains

In this section, you will find a list of stats along with their descriptions; stats are ordered based on their importance. While gearing, you should focus on achieving the following stats based on this priority hierarchy:

  • Intellect
    • Intellect increases your spell power and chance to Crit with spells. In previous expansions, Intellect also had the added benefit of increasing your mana pool, but mana levels are now static in Mists of Pandaria. Increasing Intellect will increase your healing throughput and your heals will return more health to your target per spell. In addition, Critical Strike is one of our top priorities in terms of secondary stats!
  • Spirit
    • In Mists of Pandaria, mana pools have been capped at 300,000 mana and can no longer be increased by stacking Intellect. Spirit increases the rate at which mana regenerates.  While mana efficiency is pretty solid for Holy Paladins, Spirit helps to ensure your mana pool is not depleted over the course of a PvP encounter.
  • PvP Resilience
    • PvP Resilience reduces the damage your opponent does to you. In a PvP scenario, increasing your damage or healing output is amazing, but decreasing the amount of damage you take can dictate how a PvP scenario plays out. You can’t heal if you’re dead!
    • In patch 5.3 Resilience has changed. The value of the gems has been cut in half (320 to 160) and everyone enters PvP with a base resilience of 65%, regardless of gear. In addition, Res. has been removed from most high end gear, though it’s still present on low level gear.
  • PvP Power
    • PVP Power increases all of your healing against other players. This additional healing increases linearly and does not fall subject to diminishing returns, making this stat more and more effective as you gear your character.
    • The additional benefit to healing spells is 50% of the damage increase PvP Power provides for dps classes, making this stat a bit less enticing for Healers, but still an effective throughput stat.
    • PvP Power was also nerfed in 5.3, by a third, and the gems values were also cut in half. The PvP Power on your gear will be fine, but don’t gem for it.
  • Mastery
    • Holy Paladins benefit from Mastery: Illuminated Healing, which creates an damage absorb shield on targets you cast direct healing effects on.  This increases Holy Paladin throughput by a significant margin, as the overwhelming majority of Holy Paladin healing spells are considered direct healing.  Mastery is an excellent secondary stat to allocate into.
  • Critical Strike
    • Critical Strike, or Crit, is another decent stat to accumulate for a Holy Paladin. Critical Strikes when using Holy Shock activate our passive Infusion of Light.  The reduced cast times on Holy LightDivine Light, and Holy Radiance makes topping off you and your teammates much easier, and can make a huge difference in how a PvP encounter plays out.
  • Haste
    • Haste reduces the cast time of your abilities and reduces the duration of the Global Cooldown (the minor cooldown that is invoked after casting spells). Haste helps to ensure your important spell casts go uninterrupted (Holy LightDivine Light, etc.), an important factor in PvP, as there are several interrupt mechanics in the game.  Although beneficial, the reduced cast times do not justify allocation out of other important secondary stats.
    • Divine Favor can also be used in a pinch, when additional haste and crit is required for survival.  This ability is quite potent, as it also increases the crit chance of Holy Shock even further, which could lead to even faster casts via Infusion of Light


Stat Priority

Intellect > Spirit > Mastery > PvP Power > Crit > Haste > PvP Resilience



Here we will be explaining exactly how to obtain, and what the optimal gear choices are while building up your character. While you are accumulating gear, it is important to recognize that until you have your completed set, your stats will constantly be changing. It is extremely important to be mindful of what stats are most important for your class as you work towards your optimal set, and make item selections based on what will have the most profound impact on your performance.

  • Always try to accumulate as much PvP Resilience as you can until you are in the best gear Season 12 offers. Being able to survive with enemy players on you is going to be extremely important. Without proper peeling techniques from your partners, you can be in trouble very quickly, so it is not advised to prioritize Intellect (or other throughput enhancing stats) until you reach a decent PvP Resilience level.
  • It is unnecessary to work for more resilience, unless you feel the need for it. With the base 65% and your heals you should be fine.
  • Mana efficiency is another concern, and maximizing your energy regeneration and throughput will also help to extend your life and the life of your partners. While stacking Spirit does help with this (and recommended), it is important to try and find a balance of Spirit, Intellect, and PvP Power that works with your play style. Remember, more Intellect means higher heal values, which will result in less healing necessary to keep your team topped off.


These stats reflect what we have researched and believe to be the best obtainable stats for Season 13 using Conquest gear with the Elite gear set. These stats are here to give you a benchmark as you work towards completing your gear set.

  • Mastery: 3,345
  • PvP Resilience: 9,067
  • Spirit: 8,088
  • Intellect: 14,721
  • Haste: 3,302
  • PvP Power: 11,584
  • Crit: 2,991


This section is geared towards people who have recently hit 90 for the first time, or have an under-geared alt that needs to be primed for beginning the PvP gear grind.

Upon achieving level 90, we do NOT advise you to just jump into an Arena, or start grinding Battleground’s, or do any sort of PvP for that matter fresh off of leveling in your leveling items. Chances are many of the enemies in a Battleground will significantly out-gear your fresh level 90, which means they will have a significant advantage over you in a PvP setting. Something that we promise will save you a lot of grief, speed up your grind, and make your PvP experience that much more enjoyable would be to obtain the crafted PvP gear right away. Here is a list of all of the items you should immediately obtain before you start PvP’ing in Mists of Pandaria:

Note: in patch 5.4 this will all be Malevolent Crafted gear, though the gemming and reforging should be the same.

Tip: It is normally much cheaper to get the materials for these items yourself and have someone craft them for you, rather than buying them off of the Auction House. Even if you just buy the materials off the Auction House and spam trade, it’s normally cheaper. Always check first for good deals on the Auction House, though!

Tip 2: Gemming and enchanting this gear is not really necessary, since (ideally) you won’t be in it very long. If you do want to gem & enchant it, and have the gold, then scroll down to the Conquest gear for recommendations.


Should I get the Honor Gear?

The short answer: 0/2 Malevolent Season 12 gear is roughly in-line with Malevolent Season 13 gear. 1/2 and 2/2 upgraded Malevolent Season 12 gear is better than Malevolent Season 13 gear.

The detail: Not only is there a new arena season in patch 5.2, but also new PvE content. Blizzard did not want Honor PvP gear to have the same (or higher) item level as the PvE gear available from the Looking For Raid system. The decision was made to reduce the item level of the Malevolent Season 13 gear available for purchase, while increasing the Stamina, PvP Power, and PvP Resilience values to offset the differential. Season 12 gear that was earned last season is not effected by the change.

If you did not participate in Season 12, honor gear should be accumulated to increase your characters power. The stat differential going from the Crafted Dreadful set to Malevolent Season 13 gear is significant and will greatly increase you chances of success in a a PvP setting.

Malevolent season 12 gear that was not upgraded is essentially in line with the Malevolent season 13 gear. The differential between 0/2 upgrade Malevolent season 12 and Malevolent season 13 gear is miniscule, if any differential at all, so it is NOT NECESSARY to upgrade. If you have any upgraded season 12 gear (1/2 or 2/2), those pieces will be superior to the lower item level gear available for honor and those items should be retained.

What Honor Gear to Get, and What Order

If you did not participate in season 12, you should upgrade your gear using the Malevolent Season 13 set available at the honor vendor. Below you will find a list of all of the honor gear pieces you can obtain. They are listed in order of their stat benefits to you. That is, if you go follow this list in order, you will get the best stats first. This is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but we feel if you are going to gear up, you might as well do it in an efficiently as possible.

If you already own the Season 12 equivalent of this gear, simply skip over that item and proceed to the next!

Gems for the Holy Paladin Honor Gear

Take the first gem if you feel like you need more spirit, the second choice is for more healing power.

For enchants  scroll down to the Conquest gear for suggestions.

The Gear


What Conquest Gear to Get, and What Order

This season, there are two tiers of conquest gear. In hopes of creating a more level playing field, Blizzard has decided to do away with rating requirements for all items (except for a weapon enchant to help differentiate players that have attained a high rating). This means that all players will have access to the best PvP gear available, provided they earn enough conquest points to purchase the items.

The second tier of conquest gear, or “elite” gear, is only available for purchase once you’ve amassed a certain number of conquest points for this season. Once 27,000 Conquest points are earned, it will unlock the “elite” tier gear. It is also important to mention that a new honor quartermaster will also be made available, which will have the non-elite gear available for honor points! This will be of particular value to hybrid classes, as they can participate in Battlegrounds to purchase their off-set PvP items.

If you have a mix of upgraded and non-upgraded gear from last season, prioritize the gear that has NOT been upgraded. The stat gains will be greater.

Gems for the Holy Paladin Conquest Gear

In patch 5.2 the best choice was to get as much Resilience as possible. In 5.3 everyone starts at 65% Resilience, so that advice is no longer useful. PvP Power is similar, in that the stat was nerfed and the gem values were cut in half (320 to 160.)

Go here if you need help getting enough gold for all your stuff.

Take the first gem if you feel like you need more spirit, the second choice is for more healing power.

Chest – 2,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ornamented Chestguard

Head – 2,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ornamented Headcover

Weapon (Main Hand)

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Gavel

Weapon (Off Hand)

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Redoubt


Legs – 2,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ornamented Legplates

Shoulder – 1,750 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders

Feet – 1,750 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Greaves of Meditation

Waist – 1,750 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Clasp of Meditation

Hands – 1,750 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ornamented Gloves

Ring 1 – 1,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Band of Meditation

  • Reforge
    • From Haste to Mastery


Wrist – 1,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Bracers of Meditation


Back – 1,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Drape of Meditation

Neck – 1,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Pendant of Meditation

  • Reforge
    • From Haste to Mastery


Ring 2 – 1,250 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Band of Cruelty

  • Reforge
    • From Crit to Spirit


Trinket 1 – Crane Deck

Relic of Chi Ji

  • Reforge
    • None


Trinket 2 – 1,750 Conquest Points

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Medallion of Meditation

  • Reforge
    • None



Elite Gear is available for purchase after earning (not necessarily spending) 27,000 Conquest Points. Any piece of gear that actually alters the appearance of your character will have an Elite upgrade (in other words – chest, helm, legs, shoulders, gloves, belt, boots, and weapon).

Remember, once you earn 27,000 Conquest Points this season, you will also be able to purchase Non-Elite Conquest gear with Honor Points! This is of particular value to hybrid classes that would like to switch specs, from say a healer, to a dps class. Instead of having to use additional Conquest Points on your off-spec gear, you can farm Battlegrounds for your gear! Note: the 27,000 Conquest Point threshold is essentially a full set of conquest gear.

Follow the same gemming and enchanting template that was used in the previous section.




Our goal is to give you the absolute best gear set up you can achieve as a Holy Paladin in Season 12, and part of that is choosing the right professions. Before we tell you what the best professions are, we should note that when comparing professions, there is a very marginal benefit to your overall gear set, and you should not sacrifice a profession you really enjoy for the sake of a minor stat increase. Leveling a new profession can be costly!

That being said, here are the best professions for a Holy Paladins in Mists of Pandaria PvP:


This is the best Profession for a Holy Paladin because of the two extra gem slots that can be used to refine your stats. Blacksmithing offers you the best customization, as you are able to increase primary stats, along with the freedom to choose various secondary stats, such as Mastery, Spirit, or even PvP Power and PvP Resilience! Other professions simply do not offer this much customization for your character.

The next two Professions were a split decision between our pros, and are totally up to what you want to do.


Jewelcrafting allows your character to use Willful Serpent’s Eye in two of your red slots. This offers you a boost to survivability along with some added damage. Mysterious Serpent’s Eye is also available to add even damage and healing throughput, if you feel your survivability is sufficient.

Engineering has the Synapse Springs gadget, which is pretty sweet.

Herbalism has Lifeblood, a massive Haste cooldown.

Good Luck!

This guide is a collaborative effort with Necrolina, produced by SkillCapped. All of our written guides are available for free, and we encourage you to post them wherever you’d like as long as you use a link back!

Please let us know how the article was. Were we missing anything? Do you have any further questions? Was the format useful? Feel free to Like, Share, and Comment on this post. 

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Should You Play a Rogue in WoW?

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Jul 012013

Should You Play a Rogue in WoW?Well, I’m kinda biased, with two lev 90 Rogues and a 65 (somewhere, collecting dust he is.)

WoW Insider asks the question Should You Play a Rogue in WoW? Naturally my answer is, “Yes!” But read on to see what they have to see about it:

If you’re just getting started with World of Warcraft, don’t worry: you’re not too late to have plenty of fun. (In fact, we think this is a great time to be playing WoW.) But getting started can be a little tricky with all the choices you have to make. Which race you select is a primarily cosmetic choice, but the class you pick — and whether it’s a good fit for your preferred style of gaming — is a choice that will make all the difference.

But we’re here to help make that choice at least a little easier by talking you through WoW’s classes, one at a time. And on the menu for today is the rogue. In World of Warcraft, rogues are lightly armored meleers who use stealth to get in close and then hit their target with precision strikes. The rogue is one of four classes in the game that focuses solely on DPS: their three talent specializations only changing their preferred way of dealing damage.

If getting up close to the bad guys and always being in the middle of combat sounds like your thing, a rogue may be the ideal class for you. Read on for more about what to expect.

Just what is a rogue?

Don’t write rogues off as just another melee damage class, because rogue gameplay is definitely unique. Instead of focusing on heavy armor and heavier weapons, rogues are light on their feet with leather armor and tend to use smaller, one-handed weapons — most commonly daggers. But lighter weaponry — rogues can wield daggers, fist weapons, one-handed maces, one-handed swords, one-handed axes — doesn’t mean they aren’t hard hitting.

Rogues have lots of tricks up their sleeves, dual-wielding weapons coated with poison and striking from stealth for extra damage. Rogues have three talent trees, just like the other classes, but each one focuses on a slightly different way of dishing out damage: assassination focuses on poisons, combat focuses on general combat, and subtlety focuses on stealth abilities.

Click here for the rest

Now I like the concept of sneaking up, positioning yourself, and then attacking. I’ve always played Subtlety and Shadowstep just rules, even if any Rogue can now have that ability (since the start of Mists of Pandaria.)

Leveling is fast and easy. Rogues maybe only surpassed by Hunters in terms of leveling speed, but Rogues are more fun, IMO.

Have anything to add?

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Zygor Guides Sale!

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Jun 242013

This sale is now done. Sorry if you missed it. If you’d like to see what Zygor’s is all about then check out our Zygor Guides Review. And for those of you who have bought the guide? Thank you. 🙂

Excited DwarfZygor’s our leveling guide of choice.

We use it any time we’re leveling characters. Now they’re having a sale and the prices of their leveling guide are 50% off. Heck all their guides are 50% off.

But it only lasts until Wed, the 26th.


Over the past few days, some customers have been prevented from purchasing Zygor’s guides due to a maintenance update their payment processor was conducting. As their way of apologizing for this inconvenience they’ve decided to put on a 2 day sale where all of their guides are marked down 50%.

This sale will run now through June 26th, ending on Wednesday night.

Grab this chance at Zygor guides’ sale. get any of them at ultra low prices.

Go here now and take advantage!

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Druid Forms – Lions and Flyers and Bears, Oh My!

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Jun 122013

Druids are the one class in the World of Warcraft that can take on a variety of forms. Sure, the Shaman has her wolf forms, but your Druid forms amount to so much more. Your various forms can run, swim, fly, do massive damage, and so on. This shapeshifting is one of the things that makes the Druid so very versatile and effective in any aspect of the game.

Of course, if you’re going to use all of the Druidic forms well you’re going to have to put in some effort. The class is a little harder than others because of this same flexibility.

So what are these forms?

So let’s do a run down of the various Druid forms that are available to you and what they’re all about in the mists of Pandaria.

First off is your “Caster Form.” This is what you start with as a brand new character and, for a few levels, it’s all you will have. It’s the same as everyone else gets, too. You will be just your basic Night Elf, Worgen, Troll, or Tauren and you’ll be throwing the “Wrath” spell around a lot. 

Cat form and belf friendCat form comes in at level 6 and is where you can really start doing some damage. Of all the Druid’s various forms this is the one that does the most damage, right up close and personal. You get large bonuses to your attack capability and faster movement speed. At level 10 you get even better if you take the Feral spec.

Add in one of the Tier 1 talents and things get even better, movement-wise.

The Druid's Bear formBear form, at level 8, can also do some damage, but that isn’t the Bear’s main forte. Survival is, and when you hit level 10 you can pick the “Guardian” specialization (spec.)

The Guardian is a “Tank,” which just means that in dungeons and raids you get to be the center of attention and your job is to keep the attention of all the enemies in the immediate area. (See what I meant by Survival?)

You will never do as much damage as the Cat, but you will last a lot longer. For leveling, it’s not bad at all, since there are several times when you’re able to round up a group of enemies and destroy them. Too bad that doesn’t work with players. 😉

Druid Travel Form - The StagTravel form, at level 16, is a nice speed increase. You take the form of a Stag, antlers and all, and trot right along at the same speed as a basic mount. If you prefer the old Travel Form (prior to Mists of Pandaria) you can get a Glyph of the Cheetah.

Aquatic form, looking for a fishy lunchAquatic form, level 18 – kinda like SCUBA diving, now you can explore all those underwater places and swim around at a decent speed. As with all Druid forms you cannot be polymorphed by wandering mages while in this form. Want to swim even faster? Get a Glyph of Aquatic Form.

MoonkinMoonkin, at level 29 – This form requires the “Balance” spec and if you aren’t Balanced you can’t do the Boomkin thing. Balance is the Druid’s version of the Mage, you stay at range and lob damage at the opposition as opposed to doing it “face to face.” While in this form you get more Arcane and Nature damage and take less yourself.

You also increase the spell haste of all your party and raid members, which is a nice perk.

Troll Druid Flight FormFlight form, acquired at level 58, allows access to all those high places in the Outlands. You will have to wait until level 60 and then get a Flight Master’s License from your home city to be able to fly in the lands of Azeroth. Cold Weather Flying will be necessary to fly in Northrend and you have to wait till 90 to fly in Pandaria.

Epic flight form, at level 70, allows you to reach those high places even faster. You can keep the same licenses as before, you’re just faster now.

Druidic Tree Form, from the GlyphGlyph of the Treant teaches you the Tree Form. This used to be the form that Druid healers (Restoration) would take, but now it’s optional.

One advantage to the Tree, besides role-playing, is that you stand out in a group. Your team can more easily find you and aid you, such as in PvP or a raid.

One of the additional cool things about shapeshifting is that it allows you to immediately pop out of “Movement Impairing Effects.” If some player or other enemy slows you, for example, you can shift forms and immediately escape. Sometimes you can also escape from other effects. This is a very nice ability to have in PvP.

Lastly, just because you can shift to various animal forms it doesn’t mean that you can talk to them. They’ll treat you just as if you were any other class and will take no note of your awesomeness.

Oh well, can’t have everything, can you?

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Mists of Pandaria Launch Date

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Jul 252012

As you likely know, the official launch date is 9/25/2012.

Get ready!

40 bux and comes with level 90 cap, Pandarans, new Monk class (roles of Tank, DPS, and Healer,) pet battles, new PvP, new dungeons/raids, new lands, squash 85s like bugs, and much more.

An Enhanced Version is available for $60, but doesn’t offer much (in my view.) ibtimes says there’s an $80 version as well, with DVD, sound track, art, and more stuff. Sounds a little more interesting to me.

You should be able to buy it all over the place, including the Bliz store and Amazon. Some sellers might have incentives.

Official Bliz splash page

Mists of Pandaria on Amazon
Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition ($80)




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